beeswax taper pair candles laid out in a color circle . The candles are red, teal, yellow, orange, white, blue, green and brown

Honey Candles Beeswax Tapers - A Rainbow Circle of Color

beeswax taper candlesWe love our beeswax tapered candles. They are so very popular, particularly in the tapered pairs. This photograph shows the rainbow of color they create. We are so happy to be able to provide a product of this quality in this amazing color variety and know that so many people love them.

I consider our handmade beeswax tapers to be the most elegant of our candlesticks. Fully 12 inches tall and beautifully tapered they are able to grace any fine dining table. If they are protected from drafts (this includes fans and swiftly walking hostesses) they are virtually dripless. They will be affected by drafts as they have no chemical additives that prevent them from dripping. They naturally will not drip under the ideal conditions.  There are no guarantees that someone won’t open a door suddenly or turn the overhead fan on without asking, so we suggest that you use a bobeche or decorative plates under your taper holders to protect wooden tables and tablecloths.

Tapers like all candlesticks may be burned for shorter periods if the beeswax candle burner chooses. Indeed candlesticks are the only Honey Candles® natural beeswax candle I recommend burning a short time. Unlike pillars, votives and tealights, tapers are versatile in that they are suitable to burn both for long or short periods of time.

beeswax taper candlesFor stores, we had our local artisan blacksmith make a beautiful wrought iron display for our tapers. We think it is very elegant and durable. If your favorite gift store doesn’t have this beautiful display with our rainbow of colors you can purchase your favorite color on-line. You are also welcome to let your favorite retailer know how much you would appreciate it if they offered Honey Candles® in their store. Both our handmade beeswax candles and the wrought display are Made in Canada!

Have you tried burning pure beeswax Honey Candles® Taper pairs yet? Tell us what you think!

Published By Pat Cattermole

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