Lantern Cozies x Honey Candles Bee Gift Set

Lantern Cozies x Honey Candles Bee Gift Set

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We are so thrilled to have partnered with Lantern Cozies to create a beautiful handmade gift set. Lantern Cozies is a Canadian company based in Ontario, that creates beautiful candle lanterns. The base... Read More
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We are so thrilled to have partnered with Lantern Cozies to create a beautiful handmade gift set. Lantern Cozies is a Canadian company based in Ontario, that creates beautiful candle lanterns. The base is hand-blown, hand cut and polished glass which is then wrapped in a maple wood wrap. The design we chose, is (of course) bee-inspired; a cute honeycomb and bee print that is laser cut into the wood. We have paired the beautiful lantern with 15 of our Clear Cup Natural Beeswax Tealight Candles. 

A spectacular gift that is natural, handmade, Canadian, and a great price. Your loves ones are sure to enjoy the beautiful glow the design creates, especially when it comes from a beeswax candle. 

Gift Box Contains:

  • 1 Tealight Lantern Cozie
  • 15 Natural Beeswax Tealight Candles - Clear Cup
  • 1 Honey Candles Matchbook
  • Burning instructions and brand information
Dimension of lantern: 2 3/4" tall, 2 1/4" wide at bottom, 3 1/2" wide at the top. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Patricia, Toronto
Wonderful Gift!

I ordered three Lantern Cozies x Honey Candles Tealight Gift Sets. Two were for gifts and one for myself. The workmanship in the lantern and cozie is excellent and as always, the Honey Candles tealights are superb. I have already spent many hours enjoying the glow of the tealight through the honeycomb, bee-print cozie. If you are ordering as a gift, do not forget to pick one up for yourself. A great gift and good value.

Dorothy Nicholson
Beautiful Gift Sets!

I’ve bought many candles before, but this was the first time I bought a candle/holder set. How beautiful! I will definitely buy more for Christmas gifts! Thank you so much for all your wonderful products!

Noreen Soneff
Little tea candle holder

I love my little candle holder! Too cute!


Do I need to buy a cup for the refill tealights?

You’ll have a better experience if your refill tealight is in a cup.  It could be in one of our glass cups, or it could be in a reused plastic or aluminum cup.  Or it could be in another kind of snug fitting tealight holder. You’ll want it to be one that can be easily cleaned though!

How long to let your tealight candle burn?

Our tealight candles typically burn for about 4-5 hours if they are lit and left until they are done. Tealights are best burned in one session, because if they are extinguished too close to the bottom (half way down or more) then they don’t build up enough heat to melt and draw the wax before the wick is burned up.

Why is there sometimes a little wax left over around the edges?

It’s typically based on temperature.  Cool ambient temperatures, cold windowsills, or marble countertops can draw heat away leaving wax unconsumed.  Because tealight candles and wick are so small they are more susceptible to ambient temperature than other candles. 

Can your plastic and aluminum cups be reused?

Sure!  Just make sure that any leftover wax, and the wick tab are removed first.  Inspect any reused cups to ensure they are not cracked or otherwise compromised before use.

Why do you sell tealights in aluminum and plastic and glass cups?

Each one has different advantages.  The clear cups have the best glow, while aluminum are best in specific artistic or utility holders with a tight diameter.  Our glass cups are growing in popularity with people looking to reduce plastic use.

Do you offer tealights in bulk?

Yes! All three varieties of our tea lights are available in case sizes with a built-in discount.

If I use a refill tealight in my own cup won't it make a mess?

Yes, if you put a refill tealight with no cup inside of a decorative tealight holder then you will have to clean wax and the wick tab out of that holder which may be difficult depending on the style of holder. We recommend reusing a plastic or aluminum cup or purchasing our Glass Tealight Cups. You can also learn how to clean tealight holders here


Why Honey Candles

  1. They are made only from 100% pure beeswax – the only naturally occurring candle wax!  No chemical processing or additives required! 

  2. They are made only from the finest 100% pure Canadian beeswax.  No mixing, or cutting with other waxes.

  3. Every candle is handmade and hand packaged in Canada.

  4. Our paper and packaging are either recycled or recyclable (usually both) - and all sourced locally!

  5. Honey Candles have no expiry date, they won’t go rancid or melt on a summer day.

  6. They burn beautifully with a bright, warm amber glow.

  7. Honey Candles smell fantastic!  An all-natural gentle honey aroma

  8. Beeswax candles naturally burn cleaner, brighter, and hotter than other wax choices.

  9. They are made from beeswax which doesn’t require dedicated land use.

  10. Honey Candles® offers one of the widest variety of beeswax candles of any company in North America and we are always working on the next new candle to join the lineup. 


If you change your mind about your order, or if the colour or size just doesn’t work, please contact us within 7 days. We will ask you to repack items carefully and return them to us. We will refund you, less the cost of shipping, for product returned in a saleable condition.

If you notice that product was damaged in shipping or if we made an error with your order please contact us within 7 days. We will work with you to make it right, at our cost.

If you feel unsatisfied with the performance of your candle, contact us right away. Beeswax candles have some unique traits and we have some great tips and tricks to help achieve the best burning experience. We’ll request some information, share our expertise with you and hopefully set things right. If you’re still totally unhappy with your order we’ll refund the purchase price, less the cost of shipping.

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