Experience. Pure. Elegance

At Honey Candles we believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality and beauty to choose natural products.

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Experience the joy of 100% pure beeswax candles

Our beeswax candles are expertly handcrafted in small batches from locally sourced beeswax. Fill your home with the beautiful ambiance and warm glow of Honey Candles.

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Hundreds of Happy Customers

"I love everything about these candles – their scent, mild fragrance, soothing ambiance, and long burning time. They also arrive exceptionally fast. There is no better place to buy candles!" – Barb D.

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Beeswax Candles for Every Occasion

It’s always candle season. We have a wide variety of colours and decorative shapes to coordinate with your changing décor.

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Carefully handmade for you

We use both traditional and new techniques to create premium handmade candles using only pure Canadian beeswax and carefully selected natural fiber wick.

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Meet Honey Candles

Honey Candles is a family owned business dedicated to creating beautiful, reliable handmade beeswax candles for your home.

Our elegant candles are carefully designed to perform consistently, burn brightly and fill your moments with pure joy! Our customers choose beeswax candles for their timeless style, captivating glow, sweet honey smell, and because they are a truly sustainable natural product.

The harvesting of beeswax does not require dedicated land use and it supports beekeepers and pollinator populations. Beeswax requires no hydrogenation or chemical processing and is inherently long and clean burning. And with no additives or artificial fragrances, beeswax is an excellent candle alternative to those concerned about allergens and toxins in their homes.

Using All Natural, 100% Pure Beeswax

At Honey Candles we choose only the cleanest cappings wax sourced from family run apiaries in Western Canada and we do not mix, blend or cut or our wax with other waxes. Our wick is made of natural fibers and is specifically chosen and tested to ensure your candles performs predictably.

With a wide variety to suit your lifestyle

From exquisite tall table candles for your next dinner party to adorable natural beeswax cake candles for your child’s birthday party, Honey Candles add the finishing touch to your next get together. Use small beeswax tea light and votive candles to sprinkle touches of warmth in all the corners of your home and create stunning natural focal points with iconic beeswax pillars. The naturista on your holiday shopping list will love our delightful molded candles or simply give the classics and spread the light of beeswax.

Experience the joy

Because beeswax candles have unique characteristics, we invite you to read our recommended bees wax candle burning tips to get the best burning times and experience from your candles. You’ll find a variety of information such as the ideal wick length for tapered beeswax dinner candles, how to properly burn a beeswax pillar candle and that Honey Candles beeswax tea lights and votive candles are designed to be burned in a cup. Please remove all labels before burning and don’t leave burning candles unattended, keep them company and enjoy their glow!

Find your moment of peace and calm. Breathe deeply, savor the natural honey aroma and lose yourself in the captivating flame of a beeswax candle.

Experience. Pure. Elegance.

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