Enlighten Chakra & Meditation Candles

Whether you light a candle with intention, or use one to silently time your meditation or yoga practice, Honey Candles bring you a beautiful and soothing natural beeswax scent in a variety of symbolic colours.

We are happy to offer Beeswax candles for meditation and yoga. This collection includes chakra meditation candles handcrafted locally from pure Canadian beeswax as well as floating lotus candles and our laughing buddha candle who is sure to brighten any room.

The chakra tealight candles and candlesticks come in all 7 chakra colours making a beautiful rainbow of natural candles to enhance your yoga or meditation practice. Choose beeswax floating candles for centerpieces or they can be burned as a decorative candle on a heat resistant plate.   

Beeswax candles are the best choice for candle gazing meditation practices as they contain no toxins, chemicals or other harmful ingredients and they let off a warm steady glow reminiscent of the sun. Taking a moment to light a candle in your wellness routine is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety and set your intention for the session or day ahead.  

Honey Candles are sustainably made by hand in a modest workshop near Kaslo BC and packed using in regionally designed and manufactured boxes and labels.