Essential Oil Candles 

Pure beeswax candles blended in small batches with a carefully curated selection of natural 100% essential oils.

The perfect scented candles for those who are sensitive to artificial fragrances! 

Scented candles without artificial fragrance oils or unnecessary chemical additives! Just pure essential oils and 100% pure beeswax sourced from Canadian beekeepers. These non-toxic scented candles are gently enhanced with essential oil blends making them a great candle for people who are sensitive to artificial fragrances. 

These lightly scented beeswax candles are made with care. A variety of soothing essential oils are carefully blended with pure natural beeswax in small batches and then hand poured by a member of the Honey Candles team. Although this is a handmade product, we pride ourselves on consistency so if we aren’t happy with the outcome, we re-melt the candle and try again. With Honey Candles, you don’t have to compromise on beauty to choose a handcrafted, natural product.  

Beeswax travel tin candles should always be placed on a heat resistant surface.  The scented beeswax votive candles in this collection are designed to fully liquefy so must be burned in a snug fitting votive cup. Essential oil votive candles are available in either gift packs including a glass cup or can be purchases as bulk votive candles in cases.