Handmade & Sustainable

Light with Intention

At Honey Candles we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality and beauty to enjoy natural products. Honey Candles brings natural wax and a handmade touch together using premium wick, refined techniques and top quality vats and molds to bring you a pure candle that will offer hours of light and warmth.

As a by-product of food pollination and honey production, beeswax is a truly natural wax.

Without chemical processing or requiring dedicated farm land, beeswax candles are the preferred ecologically conscious choice for your healthy home. We use only 100% pure cappings beeswax sourced directly from Canadian beekeepers. When our wax arrives from the apiaries it is already filtered but we filter it again on site so that we can be confident that it is free of impurities. Honey Candles are carefully handcrafted using top quality cotton wick selected specifically for each candle. We test dozens of different wick styles and sizes each time we develop a new candle. It’s these small things that mean our candles will provide a great burn every time.

After each of our candles is hand dipped or poured they are visually inspected and carefully packaged by a member of our small staff.

With no automated processing, we believe in taking the time to do a job right. If a candle doesn’t meet our stringent quality standards it goes back into the melting vat and we try again. We take pride that only top-quality 100% pure beeswax candles leave our shop.

At Honey Candles we do our best to make responsible choices when it comes to the environment. Our process produces very little waste with less than 10 pounds of combined garbage coming out of our office, workshop and fulfillment desk per week. Not bad considering we produce hundreds of thousands of candles each year! Our product has minimal packaging, intentionally. We want you to see, smell and touch the beeswax! All of our boxes and literature are made locally with recycled paper and we use recycled paper to pack our shipping boxes to ensure candles get to you safely.

Brighten your space with the pure joy of Honey Candles!