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Purpose in gift giving

Dec 06, 2018 By Nicola Hum
Have you ever received a gift that you wanted to save for a special occasion? 

Give Yourself the Gift of Time

Nov 29, 2018 By Nicola Hum
As the Holiday season begins our schedules often become busy and jam-packed with shopping, baking and Christmas parties. While the hubbub of the season is part of its...

Curating a Shelfie with Pure Beeswax Candles

Nov 23, 2018 By Nicola Hum
You may be asking yourself “what is a Shelfie!?” Simply put it’s a picture of a shelf, but there is much more to a Shelfie than that! A...

Celebrating Hanukkah and Advent with Beeswax Candles

Nov 15, 2018 By Nicola Hum
The holiday season is coming up fast. Even faster than usual, with both Hanukkah and Advent beginning on December 2nd this year. At Honey Candles we love to...

A Guide to Purpose in Shopping

Nov 08, 2018 By Nicola Hum
With every purchase we make, we vote. Each transaction supports an organization, be it small or large, near or far. It is easy to forget the sheer power...

The Perfect Beeswax Gift For Each Friend

Nov 01, 2018 By Nicola Hum
There is a shift in the air on November 1st! It’s still fall for several weeks, and we aren’t ready to give up our pumpkin spice, but the...

DIY Halloween Candle Holder

Oct 25, 2018 By Nicola Hum
The weekend before Halloween is here! The weekend when we all prepare our jack o lanterns and bring out our decorations to give our home a spooky makeover....

Unwind with Honey Candles

Oct 18, 2018 By Nicola Hum
After the hubbub of summer, a weekend with no plans or commitments is usually a welcome treat. The changing seasons seem to bring with them a changing pace....

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