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How to Clean Glass Tealight Cups - 3 Easy Steps

Feb 19, 2021 By Breanna Tate
These 3 easy steps work for cleaning glass tealight cups as well as metal and ceramic candle holders and accessories: Remove as much wax as possible by scraping...

Low Waste Candles

Jun 26, 2020 By Breanna Tate
Low waste is certainly on trend but it’s important to consider the production process as well as final packaging when considering whether a product is truly “low waste”....

Best Way to Store Beeswax Candles

May 15, 2020 By Breanna Tate
One of our favourite things about beeswax is that it literally lasts forever. If you decide to invest in beeswax candles you don’t need to worry about them...

How to Prevent a Candle from Dripping

May 08, 2020 By Breanna Tate
I know the story. You’ve been spending more time at home, so you decided to treat yourself to the new candle you’ve been eyeing online. Maybe you even...

A letter from Honey Candles Owners, Alecia & Stephen

Apr 02, 2020 By Alecia N
Across the country and around the world we find ourselves dealing with an unprecedented situation. It’s difficult to know what’s “right” in these unfamiliar times as we undoubtedly...

How to Clean a Candle Snuffer - 3 Easy Steps

Mar 26, 2020 By Breanna Tate
These three steps work for cleaning glass, metal, and ceramic candle holders and accessories: 1. Remove excess wax by scraping and/or chipping it away. If there is a...

Candle Wick Dipper vs Snuffer and Types of Snuffers

Mar 18, 2020 By Breanna Tate
If you already identify as a candle connoisseur you probably have a candle snuffer somewhere in your collection but if you’ve just discovered the joy of burning candles,...

Why did my Beeswax Candle Crack? And how to correct it

Mar 12, 2020 By Breanna Tate
After hearing somewhere that those cheap paraffin candles you’d been burning were a petroleum product that was releasing toxins into your home, you did some research about the...

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