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There are good reasons, that tealight candles are a staple in many households. As candles, they are versatile, affordable, contained and easy to use. One thing that we've noticed about tealights is that, because they are so unassuming, they are more likely to be lit and enjoyed than many other styles of candles. Let's face it, everyone has had a candle that they've coveted as too pretty, expensive, or just plain special to light - but tealights are used!   We believe that all candles are meant to be lit! 
Perhaps the only downfall of the humble tealight is the fact that, after enjoying the lovely glow, you're left with a little cup, usually made of aluminum or plastic, that while recyclable if clean , we fear in most cases ends up in the landfill. Sometimes these cups are convenient, allowing the candle to fit in a favourite holder with no mess, and attractive, the golden glow of beeswax is particularly appealing when enhanced by a clear cup.
We know our fans expect the best from us when it comes to sustainability  which is why several years ago we introduced our Refill Tealights and Glass Tealight Cups. These allow our customers to forego the waste associated with traditional tea light candles.
Perhaps a bit ahead of their time, the our Refill Tealights had a mediocre start but we are happy to say that they are now one of our fastest growing products which is great news for the planet! 
As refills become more popular we are often asked how best to clean and reuse the glass cups. For convenience, we actually recommend NOT cleaning your Glass Tealight Cups between uses! Yep, really.
By simply popping out the wick tab and smooshing your next candle into the cup on top of any leftover wax you allow any remnants of wax wax to be incorporated into your next candle extending it's burn time. Longer burn with less effort, it's a no-brainer to us!  
If you want to return your glass tealight cups to their original shining glory you can read our blog on how to clean glass tealight cups here. This is also helpful if you've ended up with too much leftover wax and aren't able to fit your next candle into the cup. In this case we recommend breaking up the wax into small pieces and "feeding" it into the wax pool of a larger diameter beeswax candle to extend the burn time. 
Published By Jill Anderson

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