Beeswax & Accessories

Beeswax has many uses! We’ve remolded our bulk 100% pure Canadian beeswax into sizes perfect for your next DIY project. Also find here containers and tools to enhance your candle burning experience.

Pure Canadian beeswax for your DIY and crafting projects. Sourced from prairie beekeeping families, we filter our natural Canadian beeswax to a high degree of clarity ensuring that it will perform predictably whether you are making beeswax candles, natural lip balms, garden salves, beeswax wraps, or even trying out a beeswax polish for your latest woodworking project.  

Beekeeping practices vary greatly around the world. In Canada we have high standards for ethical beekeeping so you can feel good about using Canadian beeswax from Honey Candles. 

A by-product of the food pollination and honey industries, beeswax is natural, sustainable, and compostable. Beeswax as an ingredient is classified by the FDA as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) meaning that it doesn’t require special food-safe certification for applications such as birthday candles, and beeswax food wraps.