Specialty Pillars

For your home decor or for creating ambiance, handcrafted solid beeswax candles are the natural choice for the healthy home. Our collection of Specialty Pillars are unique candles that are sure to impress. 

These unique beeswax pillar candles offer a little something extra for those who are looking for something special.  One-of-a-kind hand dripped pillar candles and geometric shaped beeswax candles are highlighted in this collection.  All our candles are crafted from 100% pure cappings beeswax and natural fibre wicks.

Honey Candles’ Heritage Drip Pillars are a nod to slower times. While some makers choose to make this style of candle using a mold, we take pride in making these the old-fashioned way – one drip at a time, meaning no two are alike! 

Square pillar candles have a more modern silhouette and boast impressive burn times. Our small workshop is in rural British Columbia where intentional living is the only way we’ve ever known. We hope that when people take the time to light our candles, they also slow down and enjoy the moment.   

Beeswax candles from our Specialty Pillars collection are great candles for gifting because they don’t require a specific candle holder. Any heat resistant plate will do the trick!