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If you are interested in reselling Honey Candles® in your store, or as a sold experience in your business please let us know! We are looking for wholesale partners who share our values and want to bring the benefits of beeswax candles to their customers.

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Hand Crafted Quality

Hand crafted with love in the mountains of British Columbia.

Loved By 20,000+

Honey Candles are enjoyed daily by
candle lovers all around the world.

All Natural Ingredients

Crafted using 100% pure Canadian
beeswax and natural fiber wick.

Why become a Honey Candles
 wholesale customer?

We are looking for wholesale partners who share our values and want to bring the benefits of beeswax candles to their customers.

  • Receive wholesale pricing on all top quality Honey Candles ® products
  • Aquire a custom display to showcase Honey Candles® in your store
  • Gain access to product specials and discounts
  • Order by phone or online via the wholesale candles store
  • Receive news and resources pertinent to wholesale customers
  • Download our Wholesale Catalog
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Amber from Victoria, BC

When I decided to get candles in I only wanted to sell bees wax. I really want to steer completely away from any petroleum products. When looking on your web site and reading about the kind way the bees are treated my search ended.

Bonnie from Gore’s landing ON

Delivery of Honey Candles to our home is such an exciting time as it means the real beginning of Christmas and the putting up of Christmas decorations. Thank you so much for such a wonderful candle and for taking such pride in your candles.

Bridget from Richmond BC

We had a power outage not long ago in Richmond and we lit up rooms by burning some really toxic smelling candles we had around the house. We ended up with headaches. That’s when I thought of beeswax candles. Your candles arrived safe and sound.

Meet Honey Candles

Beautiful Handmade Beeswax Candles You Will Love
Elegant candles that are carefully designed to perform consistently, burn brightly and fill your moments with pure joy! Our customers choose beeswax candles for their timeless style, captivating glow, sweet honey smell, and because they are a truly sustainable natural product.

The harvesting of beeswax does not require dedicated land use and it supports beekeepers and pollinator populations. Beeswax requires no hydrogenation or chemical processing and is inherently long and clean burning. And with no additives or artificial fragrances, beeswax is an excellent candle alternative to those concerned about allergens and toxins in their homes.

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