Easiest DIY Beeswax Candle

Easiest DIY Beeswax Candle

How to make your own beeswax candle:

What you will need:

  1.  Honey Candles Refill Kit 
  2. Pot with 1 - 2 inches of water
  3. Container to melt beeswax in
  4. Hair clip or popsicle sticks (optional)


  1. Make a double boiler. - You can do this filling a small pot with approximately 1-2 inches of water. Choose either a glass measuring cup, old pot or bowl, a used clean can, or whatever vessel you would like to melt the beeswax in. (Keeping in mind that beeswax is difficult to clean off your dishes.) Add beeswax to the vessel you chose and place inside pot. If you use a measuring cup the handle can hang over the side, for a bowl it should completely cover the top of the pot sitting above the water, an old can may sit right in the water. (All shown below)
  2. Heat water until it reaches a gentle boil (don’t let it boil dry) and the beeswax melts.
  3. Place the wick into your refill jar or container of your choosing. Secure the placement in the centre by using a hair clip, popsicle sticks, or a bit of melted wax on the bottom of the wick tab and letting it cool in place.
  4. Pour melted wax into the container slowly. Let sit for several hours until cool.
  5. Light and enjoy!
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