Low Waste Candles

Low Waste Candles

Low waste is certainly on trend but it’s important to consider the production process as well as final packaging when considering whether a product is truly “low waste”.

When I started working at Honey Candles, one of the first things that struck me was the low volume of garbage waste that is produced by the workshop and office. After years of working in the tourism and hospitality industries I had, unfortunately, grown accustomed to workplaces where huge dumpsters being emptied several times per week was the norm.  

Production waste at Honey Candles is almost nonexistent - if a candle isn’t up to our high-quality standards, we either sell it locally at a reduced “seconds” rate or we pop it back in the vat to be melted down and we try for perfection again.

We use recycled post-consumer packing paper to ensure safe passage for the orders that we ship. There’s a compost bin outside the workshop where food scraps are returned to the soil cycle and our inventory is often stored in boxes that were destined for the recycling.  From our wick to our hand soap most of our items are purchased in bulk

This doesn’t mean that we aren’t always thinking of ways that we can do better. Over the last few years we have made several incremental changes to our production habits and packaging to reduce waste and increase the amount of recycled materials that we use. We are committed to continuing to make improvements to the sustainability of our company and the products we create.  

Published By Jill Anderson

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