Elements of our Candles

Explore the essential elements of Honey Candles' beeswax creations.

Elements of our Candles

Our Wax

Honey Candles are handcrafted from 100% pure beeswax which is sourced directly from beekeepers in Western Canada. The wax used to cap the honey cells is scraped off during the honey harvesting process and then filtered and formed into large blocks. When we receive our beeswax, we filter it again to achieve a high level of clarity and ensure there is no debris left over which could negatively impact the burning performance. Beeswax is a naturally occurring by-product of food pollination and honey collection and is the most environmentally friendly candle wax available.

Natural Colours

Beeswax comes off the honey frames in a variety of colors ranging from pale beige to dark caramel. The color of the wax is dependent on what the bees are foraging on at the time and changes with the season and location. Although we do our best to blend our wax to maintain consistency, beeswax is a natural product and colour variation should be expected and appreciated!

“Creating” our Pearl Beeswax

Many people do not realize that beeswax is naturally white until it is mixed with pollen and propolis in the hive to give it the rich golden colour generally associated with pure beeswax candles.

This photo shows the contrast between “natural” golden beeswax and wax that was produced while bees were in transit without access to pollen or propolis (also completely natural!). To achieve our pearl beeswax the pollen and propolis are simply filtered out. Just like the golden beeswax, this white wax has natural variations which is why we chose to name it Pearl rather than white.

A Rainbow of Pure Beeswax

Many of our candle styles come in a beautiful rainbow of colors so that we can offer a candle for any occasion! These colors are created by adding minute amounts of environmentally friendly, REACH compliant dyes to either our Natural or Pearl wax. The dyes we use are completely non-toxic and none of the ingredients are required to be listed in the California Proposition 65 list of cancer causing or carcinogenic agents. 


The wick for each of our candles is carefully selected. When choosing a wick we consider the style, length and width of wick that will best match each candle style. We test burn our candles to ensure that the wick will provide a complete burn without the flame getting too large for the candle so that our customers can have a great experience burning Honey Candles every time. All our candle wicks are produced using top quality 100% cotton or cotton with a paper twist. We do not use lead or zinc cores.