Brenda Lee X Honey Candles Beeswax Tealights Gift Set

Brenda Lee X Honey Candles Beeswax Tealights Gift Set

13 reviews

You'll love this box!  Handmade with 100% pure Canadian beeswax and coupled with pottery from a Canadian artisan, this Honey Candles® collaboration tealight gift set is the perfect gift for the tealight lover! This... Read More
  • Burn time:
    • 4-5 Hours
  • Size:
    • 0.75"h x 1.5"d
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  • Handmade in Canada
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You'll love this box!  Handmade with 100% pure Canadian beeswax and coupled with pottery from a Canadian artisan, this Honey Candles® collaboration tealight gift set is the perfect gift for the tealight lover! This box set includes a glass tealight holder, 9 of our natural beeswax refill tealights and a one of a kind handmade white tealight bowl with gold accent made by our friend at Pottery by Brenda Lee.

Our Natural Honey Candles® beeswax tealights use only non-toxic, environmentally-friendly ingredients: 100% pure Canadian beeswax, and cotton wicks. Ingredients that have no carcinogens, solvents, lead, zinc, or any other toxins found in other types of candles.

May not be exactly as pictured - Please note that these holders and candles are handcrafted and variations should be expected.  

Candle Size: 3/4" h x 1 1/2" d

Plate Size: 3/4" h x 3 1/2" d

Burn Time: 4-5 hours per candle 

Box Contents: Exclusive Tealight Bowl, 9 Refill Tealight Candles, Glass Tealight Cup, Honey Candles Matchbook

Our wicks contain absolutely no lead or other metals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Love these products.

Love these products. High quality. Clean burn. Really pleased. So rare to find good non toxic candles and non toxic scents.

Julissa Rentas
I’m glad I found you

Beautiful packing plus diligently delivered. Thanks for the instructive videos and valuable information about pure bee 🐝 wax candles. It’s made me more in love with candles. Please keep up your good work. I wished customer service could helped me correct some information I submitted wrong. Hence the 4 stars ⭐️

Katie Young Morris
Great Gift Set

High quality product that makes a great gift.

Anna ceramics x honey candles tealight and column gift set

Very well packed. Arrived before the delivery date, bonus. Very nice set. I really like the column candle. I like honey candles as they do not give me headaches. Some candles are too stinky. I will order more stuff! Loving the tealights and votives also!

Jillian Mead
Gorgeous set for candle lovers!

I absolutely love this unique candle holder, wick snuffer, and the candles in the set! The pillars are especially unique and have a wonderfully slow burn time with that lovely natural beeswax fragrance.


How do you make your beeswax candles?

Our candles are all carefully handmade in small batches. Most candles are made by pouring liquid wax into molds but in some cases (such as Birthday, Gala, Hanukkah and Chakra candlesticks), the wick is dipped into wax until it reaches the desired size. Then they are cooled, trimmed, finished, labelled and boxed.

What are the benefits of beeswax?

Beeswax is all natural, it is the only natural candle wax that does not require dedicated land use! It is a by-product of the honey farming and food pollination and supports optimal food production. When compared to other waxes, beeswax naturally burns cleaner, brighter, hotter and longer than most choices and does not require chemical processing or additives to enhance these properties. With an inherently pleasant but gentle aroma, beeswax is the perfect choice for the eco-friendly home.

What do you use to color your beeswax?

We use very minute amounts of enviro dye to make our colored candles. Our dye is REACH compliant, vegetable based, not tested on animals, is solvent free and has no components listed on the California Prop 65 list.

Why are my natural beeswax candles different shades?

Beeswax comes off the honey frames in a variety of colors ranging from pale beige to dark caramel. The color of the wax is dependent on what the bees are foraging on at the time and changes with the season and location. Although we do our best to blend our wax to maintain consistency, beeswax is a natural product and colour variation should be expected and appreciated!

Why are my candles covered in a white film?

All 100% pure beeswax candles will develop bloom over time. This whitish film is an indicator of purity and is cherished by candle connoisseurs. Fully developed bloom will sparkle beautifully in the light and look like crystals or snowflakes. Many candle lovers like the look of fully bloomed candles, especially for Christmas. Beeswax candles that have been blended with other waxes will not develop bloom. If you prefer a polished look, simply buff with a soft cloth, nylon stockings or cheesecloth. You can also run a warm blow dryer over the candle.

Why Honey Candles

  1. They are made only from 100% pure beeswax – the only naturally occurring candle wax!  No chemical processing or additives required! 

  2. They are made only from the finest 100% pure Canadian beeswax.  No mixing, or cutting with other waxes.

  3. Every candle is handmade and hand packaged in Canada.

  4. Our paper and packaging are either recycled or recyclable (usually both) - and all sourced locally!

  5. Honey Candles have no expiry date, they won’t go rancid or melt on a summer day.

  6. They burn beautifully with a bright, warm amber glow.

  7. Honey Candles smell fantastic!  An all-natural gentle honey aroma

  8. Beeswax candles naturally burn cleaner, brighter, and hotter than other wax choices.

  9. They are made from beeswax which doesn’t require dedicated land use.

  10. Honey Candles® offers one of the widest variety of beeswax candles of any company in North America and we are always working on the next new candle to join the lineup. 


If you change your mind about your order, or if the colour or size just doesn’t work, please contact us within 7 days. We will ask you to repack items carefully and return them to us. We will refund you, less the cost of shipping, for product returned in a saleable condition.

If you notice that product was damaged in shipping or if we made an error with your order please contact us within 7 days. We will work with you to make it right, at our cost.

If you feel unsatisfied with the performance of your candle, contact us right away. Beeswax candles have some unique traits and we have some great tips and tricks to help achieve the best burning experience. We’ll request some information, share our expertise with you and hopefully set things right. If you’re still totally unhappy with your order we’ll refund the purchase price, less the cost of shipping.

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