Beeswax Candlesticks

No table is complete without the warm glow of 100% pure beeswax candlesticks. Handmade with care in small batches. 

Honey Candles are carefully made by hand in the Kootenay region of BC. We use only 100% pure beeswax that we source from Canadian apiaries making them truly Canadian candles. 

Ethical beeswax candles are a great way to add some soothing energy to a night in or brighten up a dinner party.    

Honey Candles has a candlestick for every occasion. Choose our 12” Tapers to use as dinner candles or candles for romantic occasions. The 6” Columns are wide candles that give off a lot of light making them great in a cabin or as candles for power outages. Our 6” Tube is a wonderful candle to have on hand for emergencies and is also a cute small candlestick to use for home décor.  The 9” Base candle has a reverse taper on the bottom meaning it will fit into a variety of candle holders, its straight sides give it a modern look.