At Honey Candles, we recognize the value in strong communities and strive to engage in a meaningful way. Find out more below.

Community Engagement

Locally we are a member of the Kaslo Chamber of Commerce and a proud sponsor of the Langham, our small town’s thriving arts and cultural centre. We also regularly support other community organizations in a variety of ways including offering fundraising opportunities and gift basket donations for special events.

We believe that vibrant communities are not just tied to geographical locations but include wider networks of support and shared values that unite individuals and organizations. We take pride in our relationships with our customers and recognize that we are part of a wider community of health-conscious people and beeswax lovers. Please feel free to reach out if there’s something we can do to support you as you engage with your community in a meaningful way.

Supporting Local

At Honey Candles we strive to make intentional decisions, always weighing environmental impacts and social benefits alongside the bottom line.

We choose to use only 100% Canadian beeswax and source our packaging materials from local vendors. This not only supports regional businesses but also contributes to the prosperity of the communities in which they operate.

Community Candles

Peek-a-bee Pillar

For each Peek-a-bee Pillar sold, we donate $2 towards vital honey bee research. Honey Bees are essential to food security and healthy ecosystems but their populations are being threatened by colony collpase disorder and other challenges

Elk Root Conservation Pillar

For each Pillar sold we donate $2 towards Elk Root Conservation. A not-for-profit based in our local Kootenay region, that strives to protect, restore, and enhance pollinator habitats. They provide learning opportunities through research, innovation, and hands-on education as well as running habitat conservation projects.

We are deeply committed to playing our part in strengthening and giving back to the communities that have contributed to our success. Through these collective efforts, we can continue to thrive, grow, and make a positive impact on the world around us.