FAQS Votives

How long do Honey Candles Votives burn?

We measure our burn times in the very conservative method of continuous burning. Meaning we light them, and let them burn, until they are done. Under these conditions our votives burn about 12-14 hours. If they are extinquished every 3-4 hours or so they will likely burn longer than that.

Do I need to trim the wick on my votive candle?

Usually the wick on a our votive candles does not need to be trimmed. As with any candle, if the flame grows large, starts to smoke or if you notice a carbon cap developing, it’s time to extinquish the candle, trim and relight.

Do I need a votive cup?

Short answer? Yes. Your votive will burn much better, and much, much longer with one. At Honey Candles, we have designed our votive candles to fully liquefy as they burn. This means that in a proper votive cup, after a few hours of burning they will be completely melted across the top, and if left for 5-6 hours they will have about half an inch of melted wax. This creates a lovely beeswax smell and beautiful bright glow. Without a cup, however the candle will eventually melt out to the edge of the candle and inevitably spill down all over the place. This not only makes a mess, but decreases the burning time of the candle significantly.

How do I light my votive candle?

First make sure the votive candle is in a snug fitting votive up. Then it’s best to light the candle at the base of the wick rather than the tip to get the wax flowing. You do not need to trim the votive wick before lighting.

How do I extinguish my votive candle?

Votive candles should be snuffed out with a smokeless Wick Snuffer.

What kind of a holder works best for burning a votive candle?

Beeswax votive candles are meant to be burned in votive cups that fit snug. This enables the votive to totally liquefy which is the right way for beeswax votives to burn effectively and completely.

Can votive candles tunnel?

Yes they can! Votives do need to be burned for at least a few hours at a time, or until the melt pool of the wax reaches the edges. If the candle is lit for short amounts of times subsequently it will indeed tunnel. If you are looking for a short session candle look to candlesticks!