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love the color!

I have been using honey candles for about a year now and I have nothing but good things to say about them! I especially love this color of votives and I enjoy that I can leave them burning for an hour or two and not worry about the chemicals or parabens that would normally cause me a headache in other candles!

Black Candles are genius

I love mine and would buy again.

Black Candles

IThe candles look nice. I haven’t lit them yet so I don’t know how they work or smell.

Black Candles Rock

They’re lovely, beautifully scented, and burn clean. I want more!

Beautifully crafted

I love the designs and available colours of these candles. With all natural ingredients, they smell divine and I am excited to see how they burn. I was just having a hard time visualizing the actual size of the candles. Some are smaller than I had hoped, but well worth it with the quality.

Lovely candles

The tealights burn perfectly, the reusable glass containers that I bought for them are lovely. Would definitely recommend!

Honey Love

We just love our new Honey Candle line...we've had a terrific response from our customers. Beautiful quality, beautiful colours, elegant design & natural ingredients...an excellent fit for us!

Expensive and smoky

We have trimmed the wick and moved the candle to a different location and it is still producing smoke that I have had to clean off the wall and ceiling. We purchased two pillar candles and I am so disappointed that it has been more work for me than store bought candles, which are at least half the price

Hi Alexis, thank you very much for taking the time to provide your feedback about our candles. It certainly sounds like they aren't performing as we'd expect. We'd like to hear a bit more about experience and will be sending you an email shortly so keep your eyes on your inbox.

Simply the best

Absolutely in love with these tea lights. They have a clean burn and leave a very subtle honey scent.

Beautiful Candles

Love Honey Candles. They are high quality, beautifully made candles. I love the subtle honey scent when they burn. The thank you note that accompanied my order was a very nice touch.

BLACK Pyramid Beeswax Candle
Stephanie Leadbeater
Great company

Awesome company. The candles are beautiful and burn nicely. Timely with personalized notes. This is a company I will keep coming back to for all my candles and gifts. Supporting a BC and Canadian business first and foremost.

Red Round Pillar Beeswax Candles

Best Hanukkah Candles

These honey beeswax Hanukkah candles are the best! Burn well, look great and a joy for the holiday!

BLACK Pyramid Beeswax Candle
Christopher Meiden
Honey Candles

Customer service is excellent and inquiries are always prompty answered.

love the purchase

the candles were a gift that were well received. the votives came in handy. perfect!

Wonderful Company, Wonderful Product

The personal touch from Honey Candles makes any of their wonderful items even more special than they already are. Shipping was quick and products were packed with the utmost care with sustainable shipping protection. Honey Candles is a treasure that I'm grateful for.

Love my natural candles

Great quality, ecofriendly products I can trust made with care and very good customer service!

Recent Purchase of Advents Candles and Tealights.

Having already purchased tealights from you l knew that they would be as expected which is excellent quality. Our family and church are looking forward to using the Advents Candles this coming December. I am confident that they will be of equal quality as to the tealights. Also supporting Canadian businesses is one of the best things we Canadians can do if we truly love Canada.

Wick Dipper

My most recent candle purchases will be given as gifts. After reading about the Wick Dipper, I order four, three to go with special gifts and one for ourselves. I am looking forward to learning how to use it.

Great candles

I have purchased many candles from HONEY CANDLES and they never disappoint. They burn evenly right to the end and never drip. They have an array of different colours and being 100% beeswax is the best!


Excellent candles and excellent service. Just received the special order black candles…they are beautiful 🙂


Amazing smelling natural candles! They even threw in a free gift! I will totally be buying from them again!

Excellent service...the candles are absolutely wonderful!!!!

Excellent Service...the candles are absolutely wonderful!!!

Honey candles

Great product. Great service. Love the candles.

Nothing is better...

The rich golden colour, the sweet scent that warms your heart and the mesmerizing flame...for me it's the best way to end your day by wakening and soothing all your senses. So grateful for the bees, the candle makers and supporting locally.

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