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Beeswax tealight + pillar

The candles are perfect in every way. The delivery is excellent, and ones ability to track delivery time, I greatly appreciate.
The (seasonal candles) spring line of candles (eggs + birds) were ideal for gifting to friends, as thet all loved them.
I love the your new Chakra candles, as I have many yoga friends and we like.


I have been buying honey candles from this company for many years. I first learned about them at Whole Foods, then started buying them in bulk directly from Honey Candles. I have purchased different kinds from them and always been beyond satisfied.
This time I wanted the 9 inch colonial style honey candles for the Roman Catholic Traditional Latin Requiem Mass Catafalque candlesticks being used in a Home Chapel Altar. Natural color beeswax candles are required for the Requiem Mass because they reflect the somber mood of the occasion better than the standard white Church candles.
But I was impatient and so I ordered some beeswax candles from another company on Amazon but they were much too light in color. I ordered these from Honey Candles knowing I would get exactly what I wanted. Shipping was fast and the deeper, richer color of Honey Candles are perfect against the black Catafalque candlesticks as intended.
Lesson learned - not all beeswax candles are the same! Once again I am very happy with Honey Candles highest quality - THANK YOU!!!

Great high quality candles

Bought these candles and instasntaly fell in love with them. They smell so delicately sweet and have a beautiful glow. Great candles.

Tealights in clear cup

I love the way they burn. They go out by themselves when they are gone.

Très bon produit

Ça sent tellement bon !

Our candles arrived promptly in good condition and smell nice!

We wanted beeswax candles, because paraffin is made of fossil fuels and bees are pleasant little domestic animals that work hard to pollinate crops and make honey and wax. We ordered beeswax candles, and we received beeswax candles. They are very nice beeswax candles! The free gift brightened our day! Shipping was prompt, customer service was excellent. This is an excellent source of beeswax candles!


Recently I purchased a case of six inch pillars from Honey Candles and am very pleased. My candles were delivered swiftly and without incident. I am stockpiling them for emergencies. I love these candles! Thank you Honey!

Love my honey candles

I’ve been burning honey candles at home for years, this was my first time ordering direct. I am so pleased with my order of a case of tea light refills and votive candles. They came I promptly, at a fantastic price point, and beautifully packaged - with gifts! I’m deeply touched, very grateful, and will definitely be ordering again. Thank you for such great products and for the extra love and care.

Love my honey candles.

Love the scent of the mulled spice candle. These candles never disappoint.Thank you Honey Candles!

Clear Glass Votive Cup
Frances Stewart
Très bon produit

Excellent !

Très grande qualité !

Canadian Bees Wax Candles

High quality bees wax candles. Best customer care. Wonderful experience. Lots of love, respect and care. Thank you. Sue

Very Happy Repeat Customer

Honey Candles earned my loyalty due to their high quality products, personalized customer service, and excellent packaging. I tried another brand prior to discovering Honey Candles and I never looked back after trying the Round Natural Beeswax Pillar Candle of Honey Candles. The candle burns very well and melts "cleanly". I do not hug my candle after each use because I only use them while praying for around 15 to 20 minutes. This causes some tunneling after two or three uses. However, I am still able to hug the candles afterwards without any issues. This allows me to extend the life of the candles (in my opinion). In order to do this, I make sure that the level of the melted wax does not fully cover the wick when you hug the candle. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to light the candle. You also have to trim the wick occasionally so that the flame is not too high. This is a well-made product that earned my highest recommendation.

Wick Trimmer
Frances Stewart
Très grande qualité

Tout est magnifique

Beewax candles

This is my one stop shop for any style of beewax candles. This is it, no more search! They are the best!

Always fabulous service!

What a pleasure to deal with Honey Candles. No sooner have I ordered, when the shipment is already at my door. Fantastic products and service!

Honey candles

Sent a spontaneous order in to this company and was extremely pleased with the results. Beautiful product and even recieved a small gift with purchase. Will definitely be ordering from here in the future.

Best Quality Healthiest Loveliest Beeswax Candles!

I buy Honey Candles year round because no other beeswax candle compares. Loyal customer for life. Highly recommended! ❤️

great candles

really love the delicate fragrance that these candles emit.

Wonderful Candles!

I always light a candle before I sit down to write every day, but I was getting allergic reactions to the scented candles I was using. I found Honey Candles online and ordered a box of pillars. I love these candles! The beeswax smells beautiful but they don’t make me sneeze and they’re long lasting, too. All in all, a great product that I highly recommend!

Love supporting Sustainable + Local

I've loved using these candles so far! I love the thin and long birthday-like candles for spell work and meditation. It's the perfect amount of time! I've appreciated all the resources as well!

Wick Trimmer
Tanya Dorey
Great quality

By far my favourite candle brand!

Natural Beeswax Sparrow & Bee Hive Candles

The 2 specialty natural beeswax candles, i.) the sparrow & ii.) the Bee Hive - were both beautiful works of art as well as unique gifts to cherish. The delivery was timely and their the perfect gifts for all ages.

5 star

very nice

Best candles ever!

I absolutely love your candles! I ordered the beehive, 3 birds and a lavender egg.
I gave some away as Easter gifts and burned a bird candle at our Easter supper.
Thank you so much for the beautiful candles you make!

100% natural/ Satisfied

I received the product well packed.
For sure I would buy again 👍

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