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These are excellent candles

I used to be able to buy these in my home town in British Columbia. /the colors for the taller candles I picked for a friends advent wreath were so pleasing, not garish in any way, and the smell of the natural beeswax is healing. We sat together while the wreath burned, and I naturally took one deep breath after another. They smell great. Please be aware the scented candles are very toxic. Do not buy. These candles are not scented, but the beeswax itself has a naturally warm and soothing smell.

Treat yourself to the best!

Beautiful candles, I decided that it is worth having beautiful healthy candles in your life! Will order again❤️

The best beewax candles

The beewax candles from Honey Candles are the best candles I've ever used.

Happy Purchase

Recently I ordered some candles from this company. The quality and design were superb and delivery was prompt. I was also impressed with the follow up to make sure all was satisfactory. Highly recommend.

Large Pumpkin

It was a Chritmas gift She loved it


Love the sweet smell of these candles!
Customer service is excellent and prompt. Will order again!

Sweet Honey Candles

All arrived in good shape and reasonable time! Thankyou.

Great Candles

Love your candles !

Thank you

The products ordered are great and thank you for the little treat inside, it was a nice surprise.
Delivery took longer than forecasted but I think that had more to do with the time of year than anything else.
We'll be ordering again in the near future for sure.
Happy New Year!

I love the gentle scent of the Kootenay Forest candles, and I have nothing but good experiences ordering from Honey Candles; I receive my orders promptly and in good condition.

Illuminated Christmas

Very pleased with the candles. They did indeed burn so beautifully over the Holiday season. If you aren't familiar with pure beeswax candles do take the time to read and follow the directions for taking care of them. It is well worth that little bit of effort so they burn properly and last.
I can only end by saying I will be ordering more.

No Added Waste

I prefer to use glass for less waste for sure. Plus the little nibs underneath the holders were a very nice surprise as mentioned by a previous reviewer.

Excellent Purchase

My products arrived very nicely packaged; shipping from the west coast to the east coast without any damage. A hand written thank you and tip cards for proper burning techniques were included. I had already read on the website but it was nice to include for those that hadn't read on-line. I will keep these handy for future purchases. I always purchase natural beeswax candles for our home and sometimes they are difficult to find so I went on-line and searched to find Honey Candles ....... and Canadian! Very pleased.

Honey candles

Honey candles are the ones I use regularly. It’s great product and I appreciate that it’s a BC product, using local materials as much as possible.
It didn’t arrive swiftly however that was due to a backlog at the post office. When I contacted Honey candles about this I was responded to in a timely and good manner and they tracked down the candles and soon they arrived. Thank you for you help in that Jill. I will definitely buy again from this company and recommend it. Thank you, k

The best beeswax candles

Christmas 2020

Well Done Honey Candles! Thank you for the timely and safe delivery of products ordered. Grateful for the opportunity to support and buy outstanding quality made in Canada products that I will continue to order in the future.

Truly Beautiful

These are truly beautiful candles and the natural scent is addicting. It was a bonus knowing that these candles were made and sourced from families businesses in Canada.

Yule Tree Forest Green Beeswax Candle

Perfect for Advent

I was desperate to get a set of candles for my Advent wreath but wanted beeswax for their environmental sustainability and clean burning. They are remarkably hard to find, and definitely not available in stores. Hunting online for a local Canadian supplier I found your site with its beautiful, simple candles, got a perfect set that were shipped promptly and arrived incredibly fast. (That was a pleasant surprise given how slow shipping has been this pandemic Christmas season.) While these candles are more expensive than cheap non-beeswax they are completely worth the extra cost. The candles are exactly as described, beautiful, burn very nicely, and have the loveliest gentle, slightly sweet natural scent. I'll be ordering from you again, and recommending you to others. Thank you!

Fabulous Candles

I happened to find the red tapers at a shop in Vancouver and thought I'd try them for Christmas. They were so superior to any other candles I had used. They were very long burning, did not drip or make a mess, and looked beautiful. This Christmas, I also had an Advent Wreath which came with it's own very inferior candles. They burned down in no time, even though we're supposed to re-light them. So I've ordered a package of Advent candles from Honey for next year. I've also ordered some more red tapers as I want to make sure I have them for next Christmas.

Perfect candles

I bought some Honey votive candles for myself and as gifts for Christmas, I was amazed at the length of time these votives burned, I lit one for two and a half hours each day for three days and still had some left. The scents were calming and not at all overbearing, The instructions that came with them were followed and worked perfect for me. I love burning candles especially in the winter months and now I finally found Beeswax ones.

Honey Candle Tapers

They smell divine and burn beautifully. They arrived well-packaged and in perfect condition. I really appreciated the follow-up emails and love that I am able to support a Canadian business!

Generous size, smells great!

Large, natural fresh local beeswax candles that fill the room with a sweet honey scent. They were nicely wrapped and delivered promptly. I highly recommend these candles!

Great Candles!

Bought these as a Christmas gift for someone. She loved them due to the burn time and smell. Great customer service as well with fast shipping (not their fault for delays) and they through in two tree/ bee hive sort of shaped candles.

Would recommend these guys!

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