Honey Candles Reviews

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Lovely warm honey aroma

Originally, I got beeswax candles for health reasons (nontoxic!); the added benefit is that they have a lovely aroma!

Votive candle holder

In my opinion you can never have too many votive holders!
These fit the candles perfectly and seem very sturdy. They also complete a small candle gift.
I would purchase again!

Beautiful candles

I love your prodùct

Beautiful Tapers

I purchased a few sets of the 12 inch Ombre beeswax tapers in the pink selection and was so pleased with them when they arrived. I usually purchase beeswax tapers in their natural honey tone, but was so pleasantly surprised that experimenting with colour will be my new thing! The Ombre tapers are beautiful to look at, burn just as long and bright and still produce the lovely honey scent. The table looked so nice for Spring.

We love Honey Candles!

We have been using Honey candles for the past several years, and we are as happy as larks! We love that these are Canadian candles and that they are clean.

Doesn't have irritating smell, but small!

I bought the glass jar candle and the candle itself, i love it. I bought 3 so i can try out 1 and give away the rest as a small gift, but i ended up keeping all of them. I light it after cooking with things with strong smells and the candle really helps. It doesn't have perfumey smell that i find irritating so it's great. I just hope it was a bigger size - i have 1 refill but i just wish the base size was bigger, since I prefer the jar over candles by itself so i can simply put the lid on to put it out.


I find your candles convenient to purchase on line, delivery is quick, and they burn perfectly! Keep up your great work!

Just lovely

Honey candles are such beautiful candles. I’ve been lighting them every night and am enjoying a lovely glow and soft honey smell.
Thanks for the maintenance tips! They’re helping with longevity and candle aesthetics!


3 Pack of Rosemary Mint Beeswax Votive Candles

Love them

I use ally candles in the morning while having coffee and at night to relax before bedtime.


I love products made right here in Canada, these products exceeded my expectations...they are wonderfully made to perfection!

Perfect packaging, they made me feel special as they sent a little note and I got a cute little bunny candle as well!! So adorable! I got votives and they’re great; the candles are amazing and I love how they smell! I will have to get some bigger candles because I’m always burning them! 😊😊


Love these candles. I keep ordering more and am never disappointed.

Excellent products

could not be happier on how they were shipped and such great Canadian made products. Important I buy Canadian!

First time ever for bee candles........(had them blessed too!)
Really, Really enjoying them ( I thought I was allergic such nonesense)
Gave a few as gifts....For sure will be ordering in a couple days...... Happy I found you Thank you all!..


So fine

I so appreciate and enjoy Honey Candles, not only for the quality of the beeswax, but also of the wicks. The sight and scents bring me joy every time.

Reliable vendor

We are repeat customers. We use our various candles daily. We bought two types of taper to fit two different candle size cups along with different size pillars. Descriptions are accurate and items arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I think the wicks could be tweaked a bit to slow down and extend candle life.
The candles also make superb gifts.

NS from Edmonton

I have been using the Honey Tealights for several years now! I've been very happy with them. I am convinced they are better for the environment - the best part of all!!

Honey candles are the best!

I love honey candles. They burn beautifully and smell wonderful. There’s a great variety to choose from. And they’re easy to order with efficient delivery. I recently had an issue with a glass candle holder that was broken during the shipping process. Honey Candles cheerfully replaced the holder, and sent some bonus tea lights as well. Great service - thank you!

Bee my HONEY tonight

These are such beautiful candles! They smell and burn lovely, and their natural beauty adds class and sophistication to any setting. If you haven't tried them yet...DO!!! what are you waiting for?

Lovely product from lovely people

I have been a loyal customer for many years. I have and will recommend Honey Candles to all!!!!!!

These Candles, are the MOST beautiful!!

I thought that these candles were just going to be well candles..but their crafted so beautifully!! They are , I can't say enough of how just gorgeous , silky beautiful they are. I bought these for my prayer time, and light them, they smell amazing, they light up the room beautiful. I just did not expect how well made they are. I'm going to buy more, in the future. As these wax candles are recommended by my Church. And I adore them. Great job! on their handy work. Excellent Canadian product! we can make beautiful things here right here in Canada!!

Tea lights and Votives

I didn’t know about Honey Candles until receiving an assortment as a gift, lucky me. Was really impressed with how well they burn, and of course their sweet honey fragrance. I have since purchased a case of both tea lights and votives, which arrived in perfect condition, nestled in neatly crafted boxes. Will continue to source my candle needs with Honey Candles.
Donna, Nova Scotia

Absolutely thrilled with my order