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Amber from Victoria, BC 

When I decided to get candles in I only wanted to sell bees wax. I really want to steer completely away from any petroleum products. When looking on your web site and reading about the kind way the bees are treated my search ended.

Bonnie from Gore’s landing ON 

Delivery of Honey Candles to our home is such an exciting time as it means the real beginning of Christmas and the putting up of Christmas decorations. Thank you so much for such a wonderful candle and for taking such pride in your candles.

Bridget from Richmond BC 

We had a power outage not long ago in Richmond and we lit up rooms by burning some really toxic smelling candles we had around the house. We ended up with headaches. That’s when I thought of beeswax candles. Your candles arrived safe and sound.

Clary from Lewisburg PA 

The package just arrived. I really like the candles; they smell wonderful! The glass cups are perfect too, very clean and versatile. Thanks for offering them on your website. I found your website by searching online. The company from who I purchase candles in the past has gone out of business and I was looking for another supplier. I was looking for several criteria, all of which your company met well: a fragrant amber candle (based on reviews and website images), the ability to order in bulk, the ability to order tealight refills to eliminate waste, a reasonable, cost, uniformity in the product, and an earthy-friendly business. I was also please to learn that your company has longevity and values its employees.

Deborah from New York, NY 

Thank you SO much. I love the personal touch you guys have. Loved looking at the real people in your catalog.

Diana from Wilmington NC 

The candles arrived sooner than I expected and were in great condition. They smell soooooo good! Freshest beeswax I've ever purchased. Thank you for your dedication to providing an outstanding product.

Don from Toronto, ON 

Yes, the order arrived promptly and well packaged. I found you through a basic Google search looking for 100% pure beeswax candles in Canada. I knew what I wanted, but didn't know where I would be able to find a quality product locally (I'm sure they are around, but an online search is faster and easier). I also knew I wanted something better than the mass-marketed petroleum-based candles. There are still some people that are willing to seek out and buy quality, and I'm glad there are still a few manufacturers out there that recognize that.

Eric from Calgary AB 

I just want to say I am really happy with our transaction, the price was very fair and shipping was fast. I am in the middle of starting a company so I have to deal with my share of disrespectful companies and I must say I was very happy to deal with a company so nice as yours. I look forward to working with you and your company again.

Eva from Banff, AB 

Your candles arrived yesterday in Banff. What a joy to open the box!!!! Thank you so much for your lovely note and the beautiful catalogue. A friend was over for supper last night and the timing of the candle arrival could not have been better. We enjoyed some wonderful hours at the dinner table in the glow of your beautiful candles. And the absolutely divine smell transported me right back into my childhood in Switzerland where we always had beeswax candles burning on our x-mas tree!

Jan from Calgary AB 

I have used beeswax candles for years because they clean the air. I need enough candles for the tables at our anniversary party. I have asthma and usually at big gatherings I have problems breathing. I am hoping the candles at every table will help keep the air clean for all 200 of our guests. Jan got back to us two months later: Because of the beeswax candles used at our anniversary party I was able to talk normally and breathe easily throughout most of the evening. Usually at a big gathering of over 200 people like that I only last about an hour. We lit the candles around 4 PM and they were still going when we packed up at midnight!

Jonny from Lower Mainland B.C. 

Jonny is a volunteer for The Lower Mainland Green Team and he received his Honey Candles Tealight pack as a show of appreciation. He asked the Team to share this message with us: Those tealights came very handy a few weeks ago when I was on the Sunshine Coast. A storm knocked down the powerlines and we were left in the dark for two days. As we began to run out of common tealights very fast I remembered the two passed to me at the Rivers Day Event at BCIT. We lit ‘em up and they not only lasted the rest of the night and totally lifted the air in the suite – we could have easily gotten a couple more nights out of them. Not only am I switching to these beeswax tealights, I’m recommending them as they produce less waste, the air doesn’t get heavy with a couple lit and to boot, they have a refreshingly natural scent. Please pass on my thanks to the donors! Their candles went such a long way:)

Judy from London ON 

Your candles are beautiful. I will definitely place another order ‘in a heartbeat’. Many thanks for the exemplary customer service.

Karen from Sooke, BC 

I received the candles. Gorgeous!!! the smell is so beautiful. Already sold a pair before even getting a price on them! thank you!

Kari from Calgary AB 

Our shipment of Honey Candles arrived ahead of schedule, in great condition…and the products were exactly as represented. The Thank You card was a nice touch! We’re thrilled to be able to include your candles in our Christmas gift baskets. Thanks again for your excellent service and product. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to our friends and family.

Lynda from Lakewood, CA 

My case of beeswax Honey Candles Votives arrived and I am so, so happy. I got them before Christmas when I wasn’t sure I would. It made that week special.

Mary Ann from Brighton ON 

My order did arrive safe and sound and I’m very happy with it as always. I’ve been burning Honey Candles from you for some time now. I work for a home builder and as part of my Housewarming gift I enclose a package of a few tealights and votives to them!

Mary from Boise ID 

It's nice to get your e-mail asking about my order. It looks like your company takes pride in such a fine product. I have burned just a few of the candles so far, but they are just what I was hoping for. Many years ago (like in the late 70s), I lived in western Montana and there was a local company that made beautiful beeswax candles. I bought a lot of them, and gave many away as gifts. I still have one last pair left, and it hit me that perhaps I could find them online. I wanted the purity and the wonderful smell of the pure beeswax. I Googled beeswax candles and it didn't take too long to see your company had exactly what I was searching for (I never found the old Montana name). They are just what I was looking for - the pure beeswax is such an appealing thing. I love the smell, and even to look at them. I am so happy that I found your products. And I appreciate that your website is so thorough with so many good pictures and details of each candles. That was a big help in trying to figure out what to get. Thank you all for such a wonderful product!!

Mary from Sacramento CA 

I found you on-line while looking for Advent candles made of beeswax. I found yours, and they were exactly what I was looking for.

Maud from Montreal PQ 

I was looking for a Canadian store where I can find a large selection of beeswax candles to offer this Christmas to my family. I was looking for 100% natural candles that do not cause headaches or nausea after the smell fills the room. Your Mulled Spice votives smell delicious!

Michael from Vancouver BC 

My fiancee heard about your candles when she received some as a wedding shower gift. We ordered some more to feature at our wedding reception. Thanks for supplying such a nice product.

Natalie from Regina SK 

My Honey Candles arrived and I have put them to good use already and LOVING them so far. I was touched that you thought to include and thank-you card as well. The little things mean so much!

Paul from Toronto ON 

The candles arrived in good time and great shape. they are beautiful. I've always wanted to have more beeswax candles for my prayer corner and figured buying in bulk would be the best deal.

Penny from Kelowna BC 

The order arrived safe and sound and the candles are ‘heavenly’. Thanks so much for the product, your candle caring blogs and the excellent service.

Rebecca from Goshen CT 

The candles arrived in good condition and everything was packed nicely. It got even better when I opened the thank you note and the candle burning tips. I appreciate that. I must say I am pleasantly surprised and appreciative of the efforts you have made to have a personal touch with my shopping experience with you. From the e-mail note confirming my order, to the thank you note, and now this e-mail, I am delighted to have supported your business! Have a great day!

Sandi from Airdrie AB 

This is my second order and I am just as impressed as with my first order. The order arrived very quickly and the candles were in perfect condition. Your company provides excellent customer service and follow up. As a consumer, it is always great to feel that a company appreciates your business. Your website has a great feel to it. Even though shopping on-line, I feel like I am purchasing from a local merchant. I look forward to my next order!

Scott from West Hollywood CA 

Just letting you know that I received my votives this afternoon. I’m already burning several of them, and my home is filled with a golden light, and that absolutely wonderful scent of beeswax and essentials oils from the Kootenay Forest...all due to your amazing votives.

Sherry from Sedona AZ 

I have two Alabaster (rare orange) candle lamps that require a bright tealight candle. The artist that I purchased them from recommended pure beeswax. I’ve tried other ‘pure’ beeswax but yours is by far the one with the best brightness and is clean burning. You’ve got a great product and a fabulous personal style in doing business.

Silke from Victoria, BC 

Yes, the order arrived safe and sound and we tend to have at least one going pretty much every day. In fact, my partner Marlene who is the candle queen suggested we should have ordered 2 cases at once. Next time.

Slavka from Etobicoke ON 

My candles arrived and in perfect shape. I love them! I have to tell you I have tried beeswax candles from different companies after my first order but, even though your candles are more expensive, they ended up being my favorite and I have to reorder:).

Steve from West Vancouver 

Pat I want to thank you for getting the order to me so quickly. Amazing. Very well packed. You do have the best quality candles in North America and your service matches that.

Susan from Waterloo ON 

The candles are great! I am very impressed with your service and the fact that you seem to genuinely care about what your company stands for.

Susanne from Etobicoke ON 

Indeed my candles arrived very quickly and in excellent condition. I immediately placed the square pillar in its appointed holder (a lovely lantern) and we have been enjoying it regularly. The votives were also put to use right away…they are, I believe, the best candles I have ever used.

Marlene from WInchester ON 

I just received my first order from Honey Candles, but it won't be my last because I am totally pleased. The candles themselves are beautiful and the quality that goes into producing them is obvious. The packaging is excellent and the little extras such as the match book plus all the info provided on candle care has made the whole purchasing experience a joy! Many thanks!

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Burn bright

The candles and votives burn bright! Honey candles knows their stuff. And the air when burning beeswax is very comfortable to breathe. The ceramic candle holder works well and is a beautiful choice of color to go with the beeswax. I learned a lot reading all the instructions on the website on how to burn the various shapes of candles properly. The packaging in the gift box was carefully done, and pretty. The tools are very useful. I wish I had bought the scissors as well, because they hold the piece of wick they cut so it doesn't fall in the molten wax, indeed, it's always once the candle burns that I notice it if the wick needs to be trimmed.

Love these candles!

These candles are beautiful in every sense. Even before they are lit they smell beautiful. The flame is gorgeous and relaxing.

The best candles

I bought some tea lights and votives….both burn so nicely. You do need the small glass votive holders for it to burn nicely though. The larger ones I had existing at home didn’t work quite as well. I love to support local!

Quality candles…we love them!

We make sure we never run out of tealights from Honey Candles because they add so much quiet joy to our home…especially through the winter months. Shipping is always very quick and efficient and the people at Honey Candles all care about what they do, and it shows. Great Company, great product, and so nice that it’s Canadian too!

Best candles ever!

Yes I love my honey candles. I have ordered from you numerous times. My last order was January 14th, I did not receive a natural floating lotus candle with my order. Now I see you have the lovely Brenda Lee votive set with candle plate again, any chances you will get the pillar size again? I ordered the heart pillar candle, it is lovely, a plate for it would be even better. Thank you again for reaching out, great customer service.


Let your light shine! Thank you for your beautiful candles that let the light shine brightly for all to enjoy!

Rosemary Mint Candle Tin

I chose this candle for myself because I enjoy the fragrances of both rosemary and mint and I was not disappointed. The scents are not overpowering like other candles I have bought. I especially liked that this is a beeswax candle. I highly recommend this candle!

Love them.

I love your candles. I lite one every morning and evening before and after sunset. A pleasant aroma permeates the house and with a little sweet grass smudge my house is a new pleasant home.
I appreciate that your company is environmentally responsible harvesting wax fro only reliable farmers.
I purchased some speciality ones for friends and they love them.

I will continue to order candles from you.


Excellent candles, I choose Honey Candles because you have such an awesome selection in style, and they make excellent gifts especially hostess gifts. My friends and neighbors love them.
Those Chakra tealight s were great for my yogic friends. The Christmas trees ideal for my neighbors.
Delivery & service is excellent, very well packaged.
Thank you, we need quality local businesses here in BC.

Round Pearl Beeswax Pillar Candle

Honey Candles

I received my order beautifully packed and in excellent condition. I am sharing half of my dozen candles with a friend and am saving my 4 pairs of colored tapers for next Christmas. Jan (Ottawa)


Very pleased with this purchase ...

I ordered tapers, tealights and the emergency candles as gifts for family. They arrived within 3 days, and smell amazing.

Love the candles

Thanks for excellence in quality and service

Way to expensive

I thought I was purchasing three candles, not 1.



Oohh, my word! My pillars, Are Amazing! They make my house smell amazing, are a Clean Burn And are a perfect burning candle. They roll easily, without a problem! I am Very Impressed, with my candles!
Thank you, Honey Candles!

amazing candles!

Love these birthday candles so so much! They have a great honey scent and are very durable. I also love that they're 100% natural 😊

Beautiful natural honey scent

These candle burn slowly and provide a mild sweet scent. Beautiful to look at, lovely light and scent.

Wonderful stocking stuffer

Bought some of the Christmas scented votive candles as stocking stuffers and those that received them were so happy. They loved that the scents were natural and made from beeswax. I think that I may have introduced them to a new safe back-to -nature product. As always the items arrived promptly and were beautifully wrapped so much so, I put them in the stockings just as they were.

Love your candles!!!

We are enjoying your pillar candle every evening in our home. The light is warm and the fragrance is wholesome.

Divine candles

Smelled great, worked great, long lasting…

Votive Candle

I purchased some votive candles and they’re beautiful. I didn’t expect that they will include a candle holder as well. Thank you!

Great gifts

This is a wonderful gift to introduce friends to beeswax candles,as they have extended hours with such a beautiful candle and great service and quality of product. Thank you.


I have several Honey Candles in my home and emergency kits.
They are an amazing product, long burning and help make our home special.
They are so beautiful that I even display them, even when not in use.

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