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Do Pure Natural Beeswax Honey Candles meet your shopping criteria?

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We hope when you buy Honey Candles® pure natural beeswax candles it is because you love them!  With that gorgeous amber flame and natural honey scent who wouldn’t? When environmentally and socially conscious people go shopping they may have criteria to help them decide on their purchases.  Are you one of these people? If so your criteria may be something like this:

  1. Less packaging or recycled packaging
  2. Either made in Canada or the United States
  3. That it is natural or a ‘green’ product
  4. That the company has demonstrated social responsibility
  5. Have the color, style or size I want
  6. Consumable because you don’t have lots of space for ‘stuff’

If you are reading this I bet at least one of these points make up your criteria for making a purchase. If you like burning candles you are in luck. Let me tell you how Honey Candles® pure natural beeswax candles meets all of the above.

You want less packaging or recycled packaging
Honey Candles® pure beeswax candles are sold in bulk to be displayed in the stores either in our Point of Purchase display boxes (made of recycled paper and recyclable) or our handmade birch displays (reused over and over for years). If you prefer to buy the packaged Honey Candles® for a gift remember the packaging is made of either recycled paper or salvaged wood.  Even the labels, display and shipping boxes are of recycled material. Our packing material used for shipping is shredded paper or reused plastic from other shipments.

You want products made in Canada or the United States
Everything about Honey Candles® is made in Canada, from the labels and packaging to most importantly the beeswax. Honey Candles® are pure beeswax candles made in Canada!.

You want natural or ‘green’
There isn’t anything more natural than pure beeswax Honey Candles®. Pure beeswax candles emit no toxins when they burn and indeed actually purify the air.

You want a company that shows social responsibility
We initiated a Save the Bees program that ran most of 2011 and $2.00 from every purchase went to fund bee research in the US and Canada. We also have a Life Candle Program where we re-melt remnant beeswax into recyclable tins and send the candles to families in need around the world. We are involved in many local projects and fundraising.

You want the color, the style and the size you need
With 11 colors as well as natural and many sizes, styles and shapes we think there is a Honey Candles® natural beeswax candle to suit you. If you want elegance we have that too!

You want consumable products
The truth is many of us have space issues. Especially in the cities people are living in smaller spaces. Fortunately candles are consumable. You light them.  You enjoy them. Although natural beeswax candles burn longer than any other candle they do burn up. Burning beeswax candles become ‘an experience’ not something to collect dust.

Tell us why you choose Honey Candles®. We would love to know!

Published By Pat Cattermole

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