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How Honey Candles Beeswax Tealights might be even greener than you thought.

Honey Candles® Tealights have always been a customer favorite. Our natural beeswax tealights are multi-purpose and are available in clear cup (the most popular), in aluminum cup or no cup at all. Because Honey Candles® Tealights are made of 100% pure beeswax they burn clean, pure and natural. They are ‘green’. Here is the ‘greener’ part.  I bought several natural beeswax Tealights in clear cups. Now I only buy beeswax tealights without cups. When my beeswax tealights burn to the bottom of the cup I pop out the metal tab before it is stuck on the bottom (the last bit of wax can act like glue). Then I take a beeswax tealight without a cup (be sure to peel off the label on the bottom) and I drop it in the cup that I just finished burning the last beeswax Tealight in. It is good to go.  If you do this you too will save money because the beeswax tealights without cups cost less. It saves the environment too because you aren’t buying a cup each time for your beeswax Tealight.

beeswax tealight candlesTealights made of natural beeswax are so versatile. The wicks do not need to be trimmed on our Beeswax Tealights but at the same time are best burned in one lighting to get the best use of the beeswax leaving little or no wax in the cup. Beeswax tealights are designed to totally liquefy. Notice in the photo that our beeswax Tealights are almost liquid all the way to the edge.  They will be after burning a few more minutes. If you extinguish them when they are burned more than half way down they may not relight properly. Don’t let this happen. But if you do and the beeswax Tealight does not burn completely you can chip the wax out and feed a bit at a time into the wax pool of a burning Honey Candles® beeswax pillar so the wax isn’t wasted. Our natural beeswax Tealights must be burned in the Tealight cups provided for them or other cups made specifically for them. You may have difficulty getting a complete burn if you place the beeswax Tealights in a very thick tealight cup. The thickness may draw heat away from the wax causing an incomplete burn. The large wick tab in the beeswax Tealight disperses the heat correctly and holds the wick up and centered. Please don’t try using them as floating candles.

We want you to enjoy your beeswax tealights. Place a few around the bathtub and let the soft amber light sooth you. Because 100% pure beeswax Honey Candles® are a natural air purifier, you can lessen dust and other allergens in your home by simply lighting a few natural beeswax Tealights around the house. And remember to be ‘green’ reuse your tealight cups and refill with beeswax Honey Candles® no cup Tealights.

To find the best way to burn all our Honey Candles® go to our section on candle care.

If you have a story to tell out about how Honey Candles® might be even greener than we think please add a comment.

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