over shot of red and white pure beeswax tealight candles perfect for Valentine's Day

Illuminate your Valentine's Day with the Warm Amber Glow of Honey Candles ®

This Valentine’s Day give your love a gift of color, warmth and ambiance with the glow and fresh honey scent of pure natural beeswax candles from Honey Candles®. They will appreciate that your gift to them is both elegant and 'green'. Honey Candles® are clean burning, air purifying and completely natural. There are many benefits for you and those you love when burning natural beeswax . You have lots of choices when you select your gift in both Natural and colored beeswax in our exciting new Red, Burgundy and stunning warm White. 

Your choices include Burgundy or White Taper Pairs for your dining table or large Burgundy or White Pillars.  Surprise someone with a Rose Candle either Burgundy or Natural.     

A newer color for us, we also have a true Red. Available in round 3 inch5 inch and 7 inch Pillars. We also have true Red in Votives and Taper Pairs.  Shown in the photograph are Honey Candles® natural beeswax Tealights in true Red and warm White. Remember your special Honey Candles® gift in any of our vibrant colors is safe and non-toxic. We color our beeswax with an enviro-dye. Our White wax is neither colored or bleached. It is natural 100% pure beeswax that is made a beautiful glowing warm White simply through a special filtering process that we do ourselves right here in our shop.  

Which Honey Candles® natural beeswax candle are you most likely to give someone special?

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