four pure beeswax votive candles in red and green for Christmas

Canadian Made Beeswax Votives to Brighten your Christmas

beeswax votive candlesChristmas is right around the corner. We hope that beeswax candles are on your list. We have beeswax votives in all the same exciting colors as our pillars and tapered candles. If you are thinking about buying beeswax votives I suggest you read the article Enjoy Burning Pure Beeswax Honey Candles® Votives . The article is full of good tips to burn votives correctly. Of all our beeswax candles you get the best value from votives as they cost less per hour to burn than any other Honey Candles® candle.

This holiday season we would like to encourage you to try our votives if you haven’t already. Votives have to be in a proper votive cup to burn correctly as they totally liquefy. While quantities last we will send a holiday votive holder when you buy a full case of votives either colored or natural from our on-line store. You can see from the photos how beautifully the colors show through. This really might be the time to try a case of 18 Red or Forest Green beeswax Honey Candles Votives. We expect these cute holiday votive holders to go fast so go to the votive section on our retail on-line store now.

Our beeswax votives are a Product of Canada and are hand poured by our own candle makers right here in our shop. They are made of Canadian beeswax in Canada. Our packaging and labels are all made and printed in Canada.

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