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Do you Use Beeswax to Seal Your Jam and Jelly Jars?

I had someone ask the other day if they could use beeswax to seal their jam jars when they were home canning. I couldn’t think of a reason why not but I have never done it myself so I couldn't speak from any experience. So I went looking to find out what I could about it. I found this site called Experience Frontier Freedom and discovered that several people had tried using beeswax as a seal for their jam and jelly and seemed quite happy with it. There were several comments there from different home canners. However as things come and go on the internet as of today April 25, 2018 I see that website has disappeared.

I searched a little further and I see this one is still around. There is not too much information on-line about using wax as a sealer for canning, and mostly it’s about paraffin. I did hit paydirt at Prairie Muffins Manifesto. This article comes with a berry jam recipe, Poor Man’s Berry Jam made with berries and honey and tells you how to seal the jars with beeswax.

This is a rather timely topic as berries are beginning to ripen and home canners are gearing up everywhere. If you decide to try this, or maybe you are already using beeswax as a jam jar sealer, I would love to hear how it went for you. Please comment.

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