Earth Hour March 23 2013

Earth Hour March 23 2013

It’s the time of the year ago when we unite with others to turn off the lights for an hour and light a candle to show our concern for the earth and the effects of climate change. It’s always best if you choose a natural candle over paraffin. At our house we choose beeswax and not soy or palm wax. Beeswax is in its native state and needs no hydrogenation, is not imported and needs no preservatives to keep it from going rancid. See a list of candle wax pros and cons to help you choose your candle.

The first Earth Hour took place in 2007 in Sidney, Australia. It is now worldwide. Join us Saturday evening March 23rd at 8:30. Light up a beeswax candle and for an hour turn off your electronics and do things the old fashioned way. Dust off a board game, invite some friends over and have fun. I think it would be good to celebrate Earth Hour every Saturday night. It would help us all to slow our lives down, even for only an hour a week. What do you think?

For more ideas of ways to celebrate Earth Hour check out our 2012 blog.

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