Embracing the Changing Seasons

Embracing the Changing Seasons

The fall equinox is nearly upon us and the leaves are beginning to change signalling a shift in our natural world. Saying goodbye to the warm sunny days of summer may be hard, but the new leaf of fall brings plenty of things to be excited about and there is no shortage of fun activities to embrace during the new season.  As we get out our tall boots, sip our lattes and light our candles we anticipate the season’s most loved pastimes.

Bathe in the Natural Beauty

There’s no better time to enjoy the outdoors.  An extra layer or two and you’re set for a fall walk or hike.  The cool weather is the perfect time for longer bike rides and runs.  Be it fall colours on the plants and trees, the changing sun, rich harvest moons even the changing behaviour of animals and insects – there is so much to take in!  Let it be a signal for you as you empower yourself to make intentional changes for the new season. And don’t give up your evenings on the patio just yet either. With a few blankets and beeswax candles you’ll feel cozy and warm, while enjoying the fresh, crisp autumn air.

Taste the Bounty

After an action-packed summer this quieter time at home can come as a welcome change, and the bounty of fall harvest season makes time in the kitchen so enjoyable.   From big batches of soup and stew, to baking lovely squashes or canning peaches and applesauce, we never seem to be short of things to do in the kitchen.  This year take charge of your perspective and switch the dreary chore list to an exciting parade of sensory escapes!  We love to enhance our kitchen time by adding some gentle music and lighting Honey Candles. The amber glow pure beeswax and the soothing sound of music coupled with the enticing smells from the kitchen and the candle’s gentle honey aroma all come together to create a truly relaxing experience.

Schedule in some real leisure

Loose yourself in a good book, relax in a bubble bath or calm your mind with a jigsaw puzzle.  Our fall activities are often also excellent ways to tame that anxious brain that is again full of projects and school work.  Most calming activities can be enhanced with the gentle glow and sweet honey aroma of a pure beeswax candle. This fall dedicate time to relaxation. Take a deep breath and enjoy the tranquil moments.

Make DIY your Quality Time

Rainy weekends and chilly nights are great time to catch up on all those DIY activities that you’ve been pinning all year. Beeswax blocks can be used in a number of eco friendly, natural DIY projects. From making your own salves, lotions and cosmetics, to creating homemade beeswax food wraps or even waterproofing your sneakers, the possibilities are endless.  Tackle a project with a friend, partner or your child and check something off that to-do list and have fun and make some memories too!

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