tangerine fluted sphere beeswax candle in a fall setting with yellow flowers

Fall Beeswax Candles with a Burst of Tangerine

beeswax taper candlesNone of us are quite ready to let go of summer but we must. The cycle of seasons is evident and we are in the beginnings of Autumn.  As we pack away our shorts and summery tops and pull out sweaters and warm pants it might be time to coordinate our home décor with the seasonal change.  It can be as simple as making a display of beeswax candles in fall colors. We consider our fall colors to be Dark Brown, Tangerine, Forest Green Red and of course Natural. Make a display using a single color theme (I especially love Tangerine) or use combinations of all the fall colors.  Add some leaves that are turning color, maybe some mountain ash berries, fall flowers and some conifer cones. 

beeswax decorative candleHoney Candles makes it so easy to make these great fall displays because we have so many styles in all five of the fall colors. You can combine these styles – Honey Candles Taper Pairs, ornamental Fluted Spheres, Votives and Pillars in three different sizes, 3 inch, 5 inch and 7 inch high.

It will bring fall into your house and when you light them in the evening your home will be filled with the ambiance of amber colored beeswax candle light and the lovely natural scent of warm honey. Did you know beeswax should smell like honey? It is perfectly natural. I had someone ask me recently if we put honey scent into our beeswax. They were concerned that it might be an artificial fragrance. I was pleased to reply, that no we do not artificially scent our beeswax with honey scent. That’s the way it comes naturally, with a delicate scent of honey, just the way nature intended. Just as all beeswax varies in color, some beeswax may smell more strongly of honey. A lot depends on the flowers the bees have been gathering from and how much the beeswax has been filtered. The filtering process is natural, but if it is white beeswax it may not smell quite as strongly of honey because it will be more filtered.

beeswax pillar candlesFall isn’t so bad – the skies get that amazing blue with the depth we only see in the fall, the days are warm even if the mornings are crisp, if we are gardeners and growers we get to reap the harvest of our spring and summer labor. The colors are brilliant, and now it is time to bring in those colors inside in the form of beeswax candles. You can curl up in the evenings with a book and pamper yourself with all that beeswax has to offer.

Honey Candles® beeswax candles are made in Canada of 100% pure beeswax collected from beekeepers all across Western Canada. If you don’t have a place near you to buy your Honey Candles beeswax candles check out our on-line store.

Photos by Marlie Marchewka
Published By Pat Cattermole

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