Hand Poured Beeswax Tapered Candles for Christmas

Hand Poured Beeswax Tapered Candles for Christmas

beeswax taper candleFor many of us poinsettias are an important part of Christmas. If you buy red poinsettias they add both traditional Christmas colors of red and green to your home and bring cheer and warmth to your holiday decor. If you really love poinsettias you can add shades of pink and white and make a festive ‘garden’. However I am quite traditional and last year I had a red poinsettia which really set off some Honey Candles® Red beeswax Tapered candles I had.

Honey Candles® beeswax Tapers are perfect for your holiday decorating. Use them for sprucing up a mantle or table and then turn down the lights at dinner time and enjoy a cosy dinner by candle light. We have 10 colors to choose from as well as our always popular traditional natural beeswax. We only use a minute amount of enviro-dye to create our vibrant colors. The beeswax in our White beeswax Tapers is not bleached as some white beeswax is. Instead we make it white through a natural mechanical filtering process. There are beeswax white taper candlesno noxious chemicals. It means our white beeswax maintains a warm glow and is not a brilliant white like you would see in paraffin. Our tapers are hand poured in uniform precise moulds. If Honey Candles® Tapers fit your candleholders once they will fit them again and again. We do not hand dip our tapers preferring instead to use consistently sized moulds. They will always be 7/8 of an inch at the base. Our customers that have switched from a hand dipped brand to our moulded tapers say that it is because they don’t like that hand dipped tapers can be different sizes. Hand dipping is less than precise and they tell us it means they often have to shave the base to make it fit their holders. Besides they like the quality and elegance of our tapers. You will also find the same premium quality wax throughout the candle. If it is colored on the outside that same color and quality of wax is throughout the whole taper. It is not overdipped.

At Honey Candles we never blend our beeswax with other wax. We believe pure natural beeswax is best. Because of this, it will ‘bloom’ as all natural pure beeswax does. ‘Bloom’ is a light dusty looking film that forms on our beeswax over time. This guarantees the purity of our product. Only pure beeswax ‘blooms’. If you prefer a polished look please check out this article on ‘bloom’. Honey Candles only uses the best Canadian beeswax and every candle is made here in our shop in British Columbia in Canada. There is no outsourcing offshore of our candles including the packaging. It is a Product of Canada.

Honey Candles® always wants you to enjoy your beeswax candles to the fullest. That’s why we have a wealth of information for you to use to trouble shoot and to know how best to burn your candles. Find out why you do not want to burn your candles in a draft. To get the best tips on burning beeswax tapers or any of our candlesticks you may enjoy reading Burning a Beeswax Honey Candles®Candlestick is Sometimes the Best Choice.

Are beeswax tapers one of your favorite Honey Candles® or do you have another favorite?

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