High Altitude Honey Candles Ⓒ

High Altitude Honey Candles Ⓒ

View from the top!

The Kootenay region of British Columbia is known for its majestic Purcell Mountain peaks. Across the lake from Kaslo is a towering 9,117ft high Mount Loki. This past weekend the mission of Honey Candles® owners Roy and Leah was conquering the beast. Along with them were Leah’s good friend and birthday girl Levea, (58 years young might I add!), their friend Pat and Dominique- the exchange student from Germany.

Right at this moment in the office I am looking at Mount Loki. This mountain is so distinctive and extremely vertical. I’m really hoping there will not be any team-building hike at any point.

Saturday morning at 8am they started their journey and after five hours and a brief battle with a storm, they reached the summit.  As you can see their view was breathtaking. While revelling in their feat, Leah pulled out some Honey Candles® beeswax Tealights and Dominique brought out the German chocolate he had in his bag. Overlooking the panorama of beautiful Kootenay Lake, Levea celebrated her birthday in style.

Happy Birthday!

After singing “Happy Birthday” in both English and German, and of course devouring the chocolate the group started their three and a half hour descent.

This hike just proved how versatile the candles are: wherever you are they come in handy!

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