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Is Customer Service Important to You?

Recently my day just started ‘so right’! I checked in with Nichole, a new customer from Edmonton, Alberta to make sure the beeswax candles she’d ordered had arrived safely. Her reply was very touching.Here’s what she had to say, “The candles are fantastic, we are very pleased with the entire purchasing experience through your company. Every detail was on point and we really appreciated the care and detail your company put into the shipping and product.”

In a subsequent e-mail when I asked Nichole if I could use her kind words as a testimonial she added, “You can absolutely quote me, I think it’s important to appreciate good customer service especially in a world where it seems like corners get cut more often than not. Please feel free to write as you wish, and I hope it brings more customers, you have a perfect product.”

I haven’t changed a thing that Nichole wrote. It is perfect as it is and I am so happy to have this positive feedback. I would like to thank Nichole for taking the time to follow up on my e-mail and express her gratitude.

We are not perfect but we want our customers to know they are important to us. We wish to foster mutual respect.  This means all customers, whether they are on-line retail customers or wholesale customers that are retailers. When a store brings in our bulk wholesale beeswax candles we see it as a partnership between Honey Candles and the store. We keep our prices on our on-line store such that they don’t compete with prices in most stores. We also refer potential customers to a store if there is one near to them.

But if there isn’t a store in the town where a candle lover lives and they want Honey Candles through our on-line store we take very good care of them. I read recently in a retail magazine that on-line shopping offers no customer service or knowledge about products. At Honey Candles that’s just not true. Our website has significant information about burning beeswax candles and that information is available for our on-line customers, for store staff and store customers. I hope you all take advantage of the information we have made available on our website, just click on Beeswax Info on the menu bar above or have a look at our Beeswax Blog section. There are more than 150 articles – all about beeswax candles! It’s all part of our commitment to you to provide excellent customer service.

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If you have a question about our candles please e-mail us at or give us a call at 1-800-558-7292. I likely have a blog written and ready that I can refer you to and if I don’t, well customer questions often inspire the next blog. And guess what? If you call during business hours a real person, probably me, will answer the phone. If I happen to be on the line leave a message and I will call you back. Business hours are Monday to Friday 8 to 4 PST except on stat holidays.

Is customer service important to you? Please take a minute to share with us why. It may help us to help you even more!

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