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When it comes to living a life that’s cleaner and greener it can sometimes be difficult to find low waste alternatives to many of our favourite things. Many products come packaged in plastic within more plastic, but in some cases, there are low waste alternatives readily available! If you’ve been struggling to find natural candles to fit your low waste lifestyle beeswax might be the answer you’ve been looking for!

When compared with other natural waxes such as soy and coconut, beeswax is unique in that it can stand alone without additives. This means that unlike other natural waxes beeswax candles do not require a container. Even the candles that fully liquify, like tealights and votives don’t have to be burned in plastic. Instead reusable glass votive cups and tealight cups can be used and you can purchase cup-less bulk tealights and votives. Pre-packaged glass candle jars can be tough to clean and leave you feeling guilty if you throw them away. Glass votive and tealight cups are easy to clean – they have a distinct advantage in the fact that the wax is not poured into the glass directly so you can add coarse salt to the bottom of the cup prior to burning and when your candle is finished simply tip it over to remove the wick tab and you are ready to light another candle!

When it comes to choosing the best Honey Candle for your low waste lifestyle, there is no shortage of options. One of the best low-waste beeswax candles are pillars. Their large size means these candles give you a great ratio of burn time to packaging required per candle. As we already mentioned, tealights and votives are perfect low waste options as they can be purchased in bulk and then burned in reusable ­glass cups. Our line of candlesticks is also available in bulk and the variety of styles including tapers, tubes and columns, means there’s a low waste option for everyone and you can save 10% when you buy cases Honey Candles! To see more low waste beeswax candle options and find the perfect candle for you view our entire ­collection.

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