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Making your House a Home

We all know that there is a difference between a house and home, and while it may be a hard thing to define in black and white terms, we can tell the difference when feel it. A house may be a place where you eat and sleep, but a home is a place where you and your loved ones truly live. The things that make our house feel homey may change through different life events, changing seasons or as new years’ dawn. We looked at some of the things that we feel make a house a home – but make no mistake this is just the tip of the iceberg and everyone is different!

Every home you go into has its own distinct scent. It may the smell from the wood fireplace at your parents’ place that never fails to remind you of the holidays through your childhood, or the fresh baked bread at Grandma’s house that makes it feel like fall, but there is an undeniably unique smell to every home. Of course, the Honey Candles team loves to fill our homes with the natural aroma of pure beeswax candles. The soft scent beautifully complements other natural smells as the seasons transition such as fresh flowers, pumpkins and gourds, and greenery and Christmas trees.

Sometimes the thing that makes your house feel like home are the special items that fill it. It may be the cookie jar that your Grandmother had on her counter (and was always full!), or a housewarming gift from someone special that reminds you of them each time you see it. As fall approaches you may be looking for leaves, pinecones and pumpkins to give your home that autumn feel that makes you want curl up in a blanket and read a book by candles light. No matter what the things you love are, it is important to fill your home with things that bring you joy and peace.

We also love burning Honey Candles in our homes because our candles are made from 100% pure beeswax and cotton wicks, meaning they keep your home safe and free from harmful toxins. Many other candles available on the market contain harmful additives including artificial fragrances or solvents and their wicks can have traces of lead and zinc, all of which can emit harmful chemicals into your home’s air while burning. Fortunately, natural beeswax is clean burning and produces a gentle honey aroma that fills your home with a pure, natural smell. Learn more about the ingredients in our candles here.

It is important to remember that your home is as personal to you and it should reflect your own individuality. There is no limit to the number of things that can make your house a home, so find what works for you and never be afraid to change things up as you change, as seasons change or as years change and we seek fresh starts.

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