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beeswax candlesThere have been a few times I have been humbled and honored at the same time when I found out why some of our customers were buying Honey Candles.

One time was an order from a therapist who worked with cancer survivors. When each of her clients completed their program they were presented with one of our beeswax candles to take home to burn and use during meditation if they chose. She felt it helped complete their healing.

Another was someone in a veterinary clinic. She said it made her very sad when people came in with their sick pets and they had to be put down. She felt badly that they walked in with a beloved pet in their arms and left empty handed. She was making little packages that included one of our candles so the grieving pet owners could go home and burn a beeswax candle and remember their deceased pet.

The most recent order that really affected me was a group that bought many, many 7 inch beeswax pillars from us. They were sponsoring an event for families that had lost babies. The families were to light a candle and remember their baby. I was left shaken by the thought of the pain those families had experienced and survived. I was in awe of the group who set up the event to bring the families together to celebrate their babies’ lives and meet other survivors. I was glad we were part of such a heart-warming selfless gathering. I do so hope that the families found comfort in each other and the knowledge that they are not alone.

Our candles have been at events like the Whistler Week of Peace and last summer at a vigil for victims of a horrendous mudslide. That is an event our community is still working to recover from.

It is difficult to find the words to describe how I feel that our beeswax candles are chosen to be part of something bigger, chosen to bring comfort and healing and to help people to move forward. I guess I go back to the words I used earlier – humbled and honored.

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