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Show Mom You Care With Pure Natural Beeswax Candles

beeswax candlesOnce a year we have a designated day to show our moms that we love them! For Mother’s Day we look for gifts to make moms feel special. If you have a ‘natural’ mom she probably enjoys natural body care products, she eats well and gets lots of exercise. I am certain your 'natural' mom is very conscious of her home and what may go into her family’s environment. She wants to have only the best natural beeswax candles because not only does she want clean fresh air to breath she wants her whole family to enjoy a non-toxic environment.

Here are some ideas from Honey Candles® of beeswax candles and what you might pair them with that mom is sure to love. 

Pink and white is so simple and elegant. Pink carnations and a warm white beeswax pillar are soft and oh sweet. I love this combination.

Red roses paired with red or white beeswax tapers make a bolder statement. Dad might want to arrange a candlelight dinner to accompany that special gift.

If you like the rose theme you can still skip the flowers and give rose shaped beeswax candles in either burgundy or natural. New for this year we have packaged roses in a beautiful three pack with a rose candle bouquet in white, red and pink or a single red rose candle.

If your mom appreciates clean, natural and non-toxic it is hard to go wrong with any of the 100% pure beeswax candles at Honey Candles®.  You might like to check out our on-line store to see for yourself! Mother’s Day is Sunday May 12th so you still have time!

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