a simple brown fluted sphere beeswax candle nesting in a bed of moss, berries and some cones

Tasteful Beeswax Candles - Fluted Spheres

beeswax decorative candlesIf you are a beeswax Honey Candles® fan you likely love all the candles we make. There is one candle that stands out for me. You might not see why until you try it. When you light a Fluted Sphere and burn it for a bit you know you have something special.

When you burn a Honey Candles Fluted Sphere ensure the wick is well trimmed (ideally a ¼ inch). Keep the wick relatively straight and not too close to the edge of the candle. The ‘flutes’ or ribs on the outside of the candle will then remain intact. As the flame burns into the center of the sphere it shows through the flutes and it is truly beautiful.

Here is a simple Brown Fluted Sphere nesting in a bed of moss, berries and some cones. It’s pretty but really it is just a pretty sphere of beeswax. But light it and burn it for a few hours. The second photo shows some of what you start to see.

beeswax decorative candlesThe stunning effect is similar and equally incredible when you burn Tangerine, Red or Natural and it's so perfect for fall. Be sure to do mixed displays of Burgundy, Forest Green or Pearl Fluted Spheres for the holidays! Then make an Easter basket of Paris Pink, Glacier Teal, Blue, Spring Crocus or Mountain Jade in the spring. Carry your spring colors into the summer. These are going to be noticed at any June wedding! 

If you are prepared to bedazzle all year round check out Honey Candles® Fluted Spheres at our on-line store.

Honey Candles® Fluted Spheres, like all our candles are made in Canada of pure Canadian beeswax!

Top photo by Marlie Marchewka

Bottom photo by Pat Cattermole

Published By Pat Cattermole

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