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What Do Your Buying Choices Say About You?

beeswax candlesWhat prompts you to buy a particular item? Did you hear about it from a friend? Did you see it on Facebook? Do you have criteria of your own based on the values you have set for yourself?

Our buying preferences are strong influencers on consumer product manufacturers. Manufacturers want you to buy their products and are therefore influenced by what consumers are buying. Consumers have the power to make this a better world by buying only items that are sustainably manufactured with the environment in mind.This leads to my next point. What do your buying choices say about you? A lot I would think. Because where you spend your hard earned money would tell others about what your priorities are. This is a difficult subject because it is so easy to sound judgmental right at about this point in the conversation.

Honey Candles® is a Canadian manufacturer of natural products. I think the simplest and easiest thing to say is that if you have any of the following values and priorities you might benefit from checking out our beeswax candles. Here goes:

  • You value the environment and appreciate and expect clean, healthy air in your home
  • You want a product that was made with sustainability in mind
  • You mostly avoid ‘fast’ food and the majority of the food you buy is prepared at home and is natural and organically grown when possible
  • You don’t mind paying a little more for something if it feels ‘right’ for you
  • You like to support Canadian companies and choose to purchase ‘Made in Canada’ because of the quality and you’d like to keep jobs close to home
  • You like ‘polish’ and ‘elegance’ as well as usefulness

Are any of these points an important element of who you are and what matters to you? If there is more than one you might really like to try pure beeswax Honey Candles®.  If none of these are attributes that you think describe you…then maybe you aren’t a candidate for burning beeswax…but you might have a friend who would love it as a gift!

Here’s the link to the Honey Candles on-line store.
Published By Pat Cattermole

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