Wine by Candlelight: 5 Reasons to make it Beeswax

Wine by Candlelight: 5 Reasons to make it Beeswax

Oct 21, 2010 By Pat Cattermole

With the fall wine festival season upon us, it seems very natural to acknowledge fine wines and pair them with fine candles. We suggest lighting our 100% natural beeswax Natural Tapers, (burn time: 12 – 13 hours,) when cracking open your favorite bottle of Gewurztraminer, Merlot or whatever your pleasure may be.

In order to get the most out of the wine varietals, Honey Candles® presents five reasons why Honey Candles® 100% Pure Beeswax is best.

Nothing goes better with wine then Honey Candles®
  1. Air Purifying- To get the full-intended taste of the wine it is best to have a clear palate that is un obstructed. When beeswax burns it acts as a natural air purifier, improving indoor air quality by freshening it.
  2. Clean Burning- Beeswax candles are non-allergenic and are best recommended for those with allergies or sensitivities to scents. Since Honey Candles® are smokeless, the smell or taste of smoke will not hinder the wine
  3. Quality- If you are going to be tasting fine wine, increase the experience by pairing it with quality. Beeswax candles are considered the “Cadillac of Candles” after all.
  4. Long Burning- Beeswax naturally burns up to three times longer then paraffin. Honey Candles® will set the tone with their warm amber glow for numerous wine nights.
  5. Mead- Mead is a wine that is made from honey and has been around for centuries all across the globe. Every country has it’s own take on how it’s made but it always comes out with a delightful honey taste. Mead goes hand in hand with pure beeswax candles!

This autumn, whether you’re attending local wine festivals or just picking up a few bottles of your favorite wine, indulge and pair perfect wine with pure beeswax.

Have an idea for upcoming blogs? Do you have burning, (no pun intended,) unanswered questions about the wonderful world of beeswax? General comments? Let us know! Email us at today and give us your input!

Published By Pat Cattermole
I had the good fortune to be hired at Honey Candles in the fall of 2004. Experience managing a small rural printing business and 15 years as an elected public school trustee has been a benefit as Honey Candles moves through the need for flexibility and the demands of rapidly changing natural products marketing. I am the Sales Manager and most likely to be the one answering the phone when you call. Social Media and blogging for Honey Candles has been a recent addition to my list of skills.

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