Wishing you a Warm and Wonderful Weekend!

Wishing you a Warm and Wonderful Weekend!

Here in BC, the way dates have fallen this year has provided us with a long weekend ahead that’s perfectly framed by two celebrations of relationships and community – Valentines Day today and BC Family Day on Monday. These celebrations have us reflecting on the important role that human connection plays in our lives.

Whether you have candlelit plans for this evening or you already celebrated Galentine’s Day with your gal friends yesterday, we’re hoping that all of our Honey Candles fans and family are able to find time this week to acknowledge the relationships that mean the most to them – self-love counts too! If you are thinking of incorporating candles into your celebration, check out our article on choosing the best candle for your burning style.

On Monday, we’ll be checking out our local “Winter in the Forest” festival, an annual event featuring live music, a fire-building competition, homemade soups, human dogsled races (exactly what it sounds like!), and way too much hot chocolate. This wonderful and inclusive event takes place each year on Family Day and is a great reminder in our small community that our “families” don’t necessarily begin or end with a genetic connection.   

The word family has varying meanings for different people but we definitely recommend finding a moment to reflect on and nurture the connections that mean the most to you - whether your bound by blood, friendship, or a fleeting smile in the grocery store, connecting with other humans can have a profound impact on your happiness.

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Just curious…where did you get the lovely heat resistant trivet that your lotus candle in the picture above is burning on?
Thanks in advance


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