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10 Best Tips To Burn Your Beeswax Pillar

beeswax pillar candleNatural candles are becoming more and more popular.  We believe good natural candles are not made of hydrogenated wax, have no additives and use only natural wicks. We wondered if our new customers that might not be accustomed to burning beeswax might need just a little help with the dos and don’ts of burning pure natural beeswax candles! We always want your experience burning beeswax Honey Candles® to be a happy one.  In May we started inserting a small bit of paper in the back under the label of each beeswax pillar printed with the 10 Best Tips to Burn Your Pillar. It soon became clear that we needed more information so there is now info on both sides of the insert. So here it is - both sides.


10 Best Tips To Burn Your Beeswax Pillar

  1. Remove all labels and place on heat and flame resistant holder
  2. Trim wick to ¼ inch before each burn
  3. Light at base of the wick
  4. Let burn at least 3 hours at a time
  5. Hug in edges of candle as it burns down
  6. Keep away from drafts
  7. If flame flickers or smokes, hug it more or trim again. (Depending on your home environment you may need to trim every 3-6 hrs)
  8. Never leave a burning candle unattended
  9. To extinguish dunk the wick, straighten
  10. Enjoy!

And there is more…

  • Hurricane lamps are not recommended for beeswax pillars as the lamps hold in the heat and reduce oxygen flow to the flame. (If you really want to use one, extra attention is required to prevent a blowout and smoke on the glass. KEEP WICK TRIMMED!)
  • Room temperature and draft affect how candles burn. If it looks like your pillar may blow out the side, trim the wick.
  • Grouping pillar candles looks great, but the heat from one affects the others. Keep a close eye on them or spread them apart.

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These labels are inserted behind labels on both Honey Candles® Square and Round Pillars. Are you going to light your next beeswax pillar with confidence now you are armed with all this good information to make it behave? Is there anything we missed?

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