20 colorful beeswax  candles on a white cake celebrating Honey Candles' 20th anniversary

20 Beeswax Birthday Candles on our Cake!

beeswax birthday candlesYes, that’s right! Honey Candles is 20 years old in 2014! We have been making superior beeswax candles by hand since 1994. In that time we have become one of North America’s most reliable sources of beautiful beeswax candles. The life expectancy of most businesses is under 10 years and we are very pleased with our longevity. During our 20 years we have seen many similar businesses come and go.

What has contributed to our long term resiliency? Maybe it’s because we access the best beeswax Western Canada has to offer and we filter it ourselves. Maybe it’s because our beeswax candles are hand made in Canada. We mostly believe the key is our team of skilled candle makers working in our shop just outside of Kaslo, led by owners Roy and Leah Honkanen. The shop overlooks beautiful Kootenay Lake in British Columbia, Canada and we enjoy a breath taking view of Campbell Bay on the opposite shore. The team is made up of individuals that choose to live healthy lifestyles and we love that we provide a healthy candle choice for you. Health-conscious consumers are on the rise in North America. If you are one of them you will recognize the superior quality of Honey Candles’ products.

One of our customers has this to say about us. That might be a clue to our longevity:

“WOW! My candles arrived today. What fantastic customer service!! These are for my daughter’s wedding. She is getting married at the Stanley Park pavilion so vintage and natural is key.

I have tried many beeswax candles over the years because they are a cleaner candle. Nothing compares to Honey Candles®. There are many beeswax candles out there but I haven’t been overly excited about any of them. I ran across yours in a store in Vancouver…I bought 12 tealights…gave some to my son, sent some to my sister in Ottawa and kept some. We did a test. Three thumbs up for your candles, all the way around…burning time and beautiful honey scent. You have a superior product and I look forward to buying from you for years to come.”

Colleen, North Vancouver BC

We wish to thank Colleen and other customers like her for all your support over the 20 years we have been operating. Where would we be without you? We want you to know that Honey Candles was here for you yesterday, we are here today and we will be here for you tomorrow.

Looking to find out what the fuss is about? Here’s the fastest way to our on-line store.

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