3 Reasons to Eat Dinner by Candlelight (there’s one you won’t expect!)

3 Reasons to Eat Dinner by Candlelight (there’s one you won’t expect!)

1. It's a good reminder to slow down
The simple act of lighting a candle can bring you into the moment and make you appreciate what you have. Whether it’s the food you’re about to enjoy, or the company you’re dining with, the gentle glow of a candle will help you to stop rushing and relax into your meal. We’ve also heard that eating with limited lighting can heighten your other senses making your meal taste even better  
2. Picky eaters – we mean it!  
The other day Honey Candles owner, Alecia, came into the office and announced that she’d fed her kids dinner by candlelight the previous night. On first reflection this sounded like a pleasant way to spend an evening with the family but she then revealed a secret motive - there were ingredients in the recipe that she knew her kids didn’t like but if they couldn’t see their dinner properly she was sure they’d eat it without complaint - and she was right!
If you deal with picky eating you’ve probably heard of hiding spinach in smoothies and chopping onions so small that they’re impossible to see, but dinner by candlelight?? Pure genius! Apparently, it’s a trick her parents used on her and her sister when they were kids. “It wasn’t a coincidence that we ate by candlelight on nights that mushrooms were on the menu!"
3. It just feels more special
Regardless of what’s on the menu, candlelight adds undeniable charm to your dining experience. It doesn’t have to be steak and lobster, maybe your biggest accomplishment of the day is heating a frozen pizza. By taking a moment to light that candlestick, you’ll add elegance and softness to your dining experience. Just like long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners are famous for romancing – so whether you’re romancing someone else or simply feeling like you need some self-love, we’re sure you won’t regret striking the match.
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My husband is Jewish and lights candles every Friday evening, so we go through a lot of candles in a month. We also love the Hanukkah candles, as beeswax ones burn longer and it is hard to find Hanukkah candles in real beeswax. We really appreciate being able to order these lovely candles from a Canadian company right here in BC.

Bennett Matthews

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