3 Ways to Incorporate Candles into your Self Care Routine

3 Ways to Incorporate Candles into your Self Care Routine

For most, candles are a luxury item – they are not required for every day survival (although they sure did come in handy during our recent power outage!) People tend to use candles because the gentle light of the flame brings them joy or offers comfort. We’ve compiled a few ways that you can use candles to enhance your self-care regime, try using candles:

1. As a meditative focal point

It is believed that candle gazing meditation or “trataka” improves concentration and memory and can also help relieve anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Sign up for a class with an expert or search for some pointers on Google and give it a try in the comfort of your home, either way, you’ll be taking some time to clear your mind which never hurts!

2. To create a low light sanctuary

Harsh overhead lighting and excessive screen time can disrupt sleep cycles and negatively impact mental health. Commit to spending an evening by candlelight to reset your internal clock - turn off all the lights and enjoy the soft glow of beeswax candlesticks.

3. As a natural timer

Whether you want to set aside time for a yoga session or simply gift yourself some time to be idle, a Birthday (20 minute), Gala (40 minute), or Chakra / Hanukkah (70 minute) candle can act as the perfect natural timer. Commit to letting go of your stresses until the flame naturally burns itself out.

We'd love to hear about how you use candles for self care! 

Published By Jill Anderson

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