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4 Easy Ways to Help Save the Bees

beeswax save the beesHoney Candles is hoping to build awareness of the troubles faced by our favorite pollinators with this year’s Bee Month. This month dedicated to honey bees and other pollinators, is also about what we can all do to help save the bees. Often even when we know that bee populations are threatened, it is hard to know how to help. We have compiled a list of several easy ways to help!
1. Plant bee-friendly flowers
Planting flowers native to your area will give bees and other pollinators the nectar they need to build a strong, healthy hive. Whether you have a large yard or simply a small pot on your deck, every plant helps!
2. Avoid pesticides and herbicides
It is thought that pesticides and herbicides play a role in bee mortality. Whenever possible, avoid using these products on your plants and gardens and instead try to seek natural ways to maintain plants and gardens.
3. Purchase bee related products
When you purchase products made by bees, you support apiaries and beekeepers, and in turn support the bee population. Honey, beeswax-based cosmetics, and beeswax candles are all products of the hard work of honey bees!
4. Support bee research
There are still unanswered questions about what is causing colony collapse and bee mortality. Several organizations are working hard to shed some light on these questions, including the incredible work being done at the University of Guelph Honey Bee Research Center. Each year Honey Candles donates $2 from every Peek-a-Bee purchase to this research to support the bees that make our natural candles possible.
If you participate in any bee-saving activities, share your photos and stories with us! 
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