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4 Summer Activities We Love

The suns out and the gardens are flourishing… we must be in the full swing of summer! The Honey Candles team loves to take advantage of the plethora of recreation readily available to us in the Kootenays. Of course, like a good scout, we do make sure to ‘always be prepared’ with survival and emergency kits, and what Honey Candles staffer wouldn’t be sure to include long burning pure Honey Candles® Beeswax Candles in their kits? We will explore some of our favorite summer activities and the Honey Candles we bring with us in case of emergency, or to simply enhance our experience.

1. Hiking
Hiking is a classic summertime activity that allows us to literally reach new heights, while taking in spectacular views. Whether you are doing a few hour hike or venturing on a multi-day journey, an emergency kit is essential. Alecia packs her hiking kit with pure beeswax Tubes, as pictured. These compact beeswax candlesticks are great even when you are short of pack space, while still providing 5-6 hours of bright burn time. 
2. Kayaking
Kayaking is my personal favorite summertime activity. There is nothing quite as peaceful as being on the open water and enjoying the tranquility of still waters and fresh air. When packing for a kayak trip my candle of choice includes a natural Gold Travel Tin or an Essentials Tin. These hand-poured candles suit water activities because the tin will protect the candle from moisture, which can be especially important if your kayak does not have sealed storage compartments. 
3. Camping 
Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy summer while getting in touch with nature. If you are planning a weekend getaway or long-haul excursion, be sure to pack Honey Candles for emergencies and to add some ambiance to your trip. Naturally scented Citronella Votives and Tins are my favorite candles for camping. They add light and atmosphere to your picnic table and their natural scent does not overpower the smell of the great outdoors the way synthetic citronella candles are known to.
4. Road Trips
Who doesn’t love hitting the open road in the summer to visit family or friends, or on your way to partake in another summer activity? The sun shining, and your music is playing, coupled with the anticipation of your destination is one of the best parts of summer! It is a great idea to keep an emergency kit in your car year-round, in case of a vehicle break down or another unpredictable event. Beeswax Emergency Candles are a natural fit for any emergency kit and come with matches and straps that allow you to heat up food or water. They are perfect for keeping in your vehicle because the high melting point of pure beeswax means even on an extremely hot summer day, you do not have to worry about them melting and making a mess in your vehicle!
We hope you enjoy some summer recreation and stay safe!
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