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Value' versus 'Disposable'

I received a note from a customer recently that made me very happy and also made me think about the way Honey Candles does business.

beeswax candles made in canadaThis is what Clary of Lewisburg PA had to say when I asked her about her Honey Candles® order and why she choose us. “The candles smell wonderful!  The company I bought from in the past went out of business. I was looking for another supplier. I was looking at several items of criteria all of which your company met well: a fragrant amber candle, the ability to order in bulk, the ability to order tealight refills to eliminate waste, a reasonable cost, uniformity in the product, and an earth friendly distribution business. I was also pleased to learn that your company has longevity (we’ve been around for 18 years) and values its employees. I hope that your customers increasingly consider their purchases with care. It’s a simple choice that has a big impact, in my opinion.”

I acknowledged that all these things were true. I have written about what I hope is our customers’ criteria in the past when they go looking for a candle. This criteria is important to us but this was the first time we heard how clearly it was important to one of our customers.

I read an article recently called The Return on Investment Lifestyle. This is a worthwhile read and won’t take a lot of your time. When the economy got tough consumers had to make choices. Like our grandparents and great grandparents whose attitude to things and purchases were changed forever by the Great Depression it is expected that some consumer’s buying habits will be molded by the recent tight economy.

These discerning consumers are considering the social consciousness of companies. Certain criteria has become important:

  • How does the company give back to their communities and support worthwhile causes?
  • How does the company lighten their burden on the environment in manufacturing?
  • Is it a ‘green’ product that is functional rather than disposable? Is it sustainable?
  • How does the company treat their employees? Is this a happy and safe work environment?

Rather than answer each of these questions here about Honey Candles I have provided links to each answer. I know you will find that Honey Candles® beeswax candles are sophisticated in their simplicity; are ‘green’; reflect the values of the simple, harmonious life of the owners and employees and above all are made with respect, caring and mindfulness for the environment we share with all creatures including the hard working honey bee that makes it all possible.

If you think Honey Candles® meets your discerning criteria visit our on-line store.

What’s important to you when you make a purchase?

Published By Pat Cattermole

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