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What Candle Type Are You?

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Over the years we've found there are two types of candle burners: Those who burn candles for a long period of time and those who burn candles for a shorter period of time.

It is very important to know what type of candle burner you are when shopping for beeswax candles. If you are someone who wants a candle to burn for a short period (say while you cook dinner) you will be disappointed if you choose the wrong candle. It won't burn properly and you'll be left with a lot of unusable beeswax. If you want your candles to burn for long periods (say while you host a dinner party), the same is true. If you don't choose the right type for you, you will be left disappointed.

We don't want you to be disappointed with your beeswax candles! We want you to love them as much as we do...

So before you buy beeswax candles ask yourself this: do you want the candles to last an evening or just a few minutes while you hop into the tub? Are you throwing a dinner party or just want some candles burning while you curl up and read a book? How long do you foresee the candles burning for?

Long Burn (At least 3 Hours per burn): 100% Pure Beeswax Pillars One of the most common candle complaints we hear is that Pillar Candles get a hole right down the centre and can't be burned again. We suggest ONLY burning our Pillar Candles if you have at least 3 hours of burn time. The reason for this is the wax has to melt to the edge of the candle for a complete burn. If you burn a Pillar Candle for less time not enough wax melts and when you re-light it will continue to burn down the centre.

Long Burn (4-5 Hrs): 100% Pure Beeswax Tealights One of the most common misconceptions is with Tealights Candles. Because they are small people assume they can be burned many times at short intervals. If you've ever burned Beeswax Tealights you know they too are best burned in one long sitting so all the wax fully liquifies. If there is less than half the wax left, the Tealights will not burn properly.

Short Burn (30 mins-1 Hr or more): 100% Pure Beeswax Candlesticks I like to use 100% Pure Beeswax TapersTubes or Base Candles when I burn candles for a short periods of time. I love to light a candle in my room just before bed (I find it helps me achieve a calmer sleep). I always use 9” Base Candles. They are perfect candles for short burns and are designed to be put out and re-lit numerous times.

For more candle tips please visit our Candle Care section.

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