a christmas gift basket filled with pure beeswax candlesticks and pine cone candles and rose candles

A Gift for Someone who doesn't Need Another Thing - Beeswax Candles

beeswax candles made in canadaEveryone’s got them on their Christmas list -the people who don’t need anything . It might be your parents who are downsizing. It might be a friend living in a small apartment. Chances are pretty good that someone on your list is hard to buy for because they have no room for anything, they are minimalists or they have everything. 

These are the people we usually buy chocolates for, or Christmas cake, or wine or cheese - something that they can eat and then it’s gone. Try something different this year - beeswax candles. They can burn them, enjoy them, love them and then they are burned up and gone. They are natural, non-toxic and beautiful. What is there not to love about beeswax? 

Make up a basket of all beeswax or mix it up with all those classic consumables. Wine and cheese is complemented with a pair of beeswax tapers.  Chocolate goes with everything including beeswax. A basket with ethically grown coffee and some exotic teas and a few favorite beeswax candles might be a good choice. You are only limited by your imagination. The great part of this is – if the person on your Christmas list that has everything loves the beeswax candles you bought them by next Christmas they will be all gone. And you can do it again! They will be looking forward to another basket complemented with beeswax candles.   
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Merry Christmas!

Photo by Marlie Marchewka
Published By Pat Cattermole

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