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A Guide to Purpose in Shopping

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With every purchase we make, we vote. Each transaction supports an organization, be it small or large, near or far. It is easy to forget the sheer power that we have as consumers. It is easy to feel that our ‘vote’ is but a drop in the bucket that surely cannot make a difference. However, this is far from the case. When we purchase from companies with ethical practices and strong moral compasses that align with ours, we in turn create demand for more honesty and integrity across the board.  

It can sometimes be tough to remember to be conscious of every purchase, but even if our purchasing habits aren’t perfect, they can still make a difference. The Staff at Honey Candles try to practice what we preach and support organizations with values similar to ours. Four things we look for include:

  1. Environmental consciousness and waste reduction 

    Supporting companies that strive for low or zero waste means less unnecessary garbage in our landfills and oceans. At Honey Candles we have been converting much of our packaging to craft carboard and love to support other companies that are getting rid of plastics. We also love to support other companies that create wax and honey based products. Naturally, we love the bees, and supporting organizations that create more demand for beekeepers means a stronger, healthier pollinator population!

  2. Handcrafted Products 

    There is nothing better than a handcrafted product. Knowing that someone’s care and attention went into creating a product makes it into art, rather than another machine produced item. Whether it is hand knitted, hand sculpted, or hand poured, we love to support other companies that still believe people make the best products!

  3. Commitment to quality 

    Handcrafted, eco-friendly products do not have to sacrifice quality. We love it when an organization shows that in addition to sustainable processes they are committed to creating beautiful high-end products.  When we find a company that checks all three boxes, we know we want to support them.

  4. Location 

    It’s exciting when we find a company whose values aligns with ours, but when they’re local it’s even better! For some supporting local may mean the organization is in their very town for others they look to support companies in Canada or North America. Whether it’s the town you live in or the country you live in, there’s nothing better than supporting ethical companies that are close to home!

We consistently strive to do our best and continually improve as a manufacturer, and we love to see other organizations doing the same. For gift ideas that feel good this holiday season browse our candle shop!

We hope this guide helps you give purpose to your shopping. The things we are passionate about vary, and sometimes you may choose to weigh one factor over another so take a moment and decide what matters to you. It is the first step to making more conscious purchasing decisions!
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